For Developers

Low Cost Alternative

  • Typical video intercom systems cost anywhere from $650 and up per key because they require costly wiring upgrades and in-unit video wall stations.
  • ButterflyMX allows developers to save tens of thousands of dollars because it does not require an in-unit wall station and requires only minimal wiring at the front entrance of a building.
  • Even though it is a fraction of the cost, ButterflyMX™ delivers more features than any existing system.

Fast & Easy Installation

  • A small 14" x 15" footprint for the ButterflyMX touch screen intercom at the front entrance.
  • No in-unit installation required.
  • Only minimal construction coordination because ButterflyMX needs only four connections: Internet, telephone, door lock and power.
  • Quick installation of under a day at the front entrance.

Minimal Upkeep

  • Weatherproof enclosure withstands hot, cold and inclement weather to operate in any condition.
  • New software updates occur automatically.

Touchscreen Instead of Intercom Panel

  • At the front entrance the ButterflyMX touch screen is an elegant and simple to use interface where guests search the resident directory and make video call to residents

  • Custom Building Branding

  • Customize ButterflyMX intercom's panel interface with your building logo, location and building contact information.

Cloud-Based Convenience

  • ButterflyMX harnesses the convenience of the cloud to deliver reliable performance

  • No need to install local server on site

  • Data security measures protect your residents' information