Jane, How Nice
to See You!

Visitors and tenants interact via the proprietary intercom, regardless of whether the tenant is upstairs or around the world.

Get the Message
Every Time

No one home? No problem. Visitors can leave detailed voice and text messages for tenants directly from the ButterflyMX platform.

No More
Keys Under the Mat

Send Virtual Keys to guests or anyone who needs authorized access to the building. They expire automatically and can be scheduled for those repeat visitors like the dog walker. Like everything else, each time they are used there's a record of it.

Smartphone Style Resident Directory

ButterflyMX's front entrance touch screen has the same easy to navigate scrolling Contact Directory as a smartphone. This means regardless of whether there are 500 residents, or just 20, they're all easy to find with a few quick taps on the touch screen.

No Smartphone?
No problem!

ButterflyMX is designed to work with land line and mobile phones as well as our mobile app. Residents without a smartphone simply select "Phone Call" in their Contact Preferences to receive a phone call to whatever number they prefer. When a visitor calls the resident, they just "dial 9" to open the door.