Property manager features

Elevate your tenants' experience without losing control. While our smart intercom is tenant-focused with features designed to enhance their safety and convenience, property managers can easily track tenant/visitor entry and update the directory.

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Tenant features

Video calls, virtual keys, and messaging are just some of the features your tenants can access directly from their smartphones. Our video intercom provides a robust set of intuitive features designed to improve for the lives of modern tenants, ensuring that your building remains on top.



Complete control  

Always know who is coming and going with a time- and date-stamped image of all door entries. Turn on/off virtual keys and edit delivery PINs directly from your property management dashboard. 



PMS integrations

We include database-level integrations with most property management systems. Automatically update tenant information on your intercom: reducing data entry errors and speeding up processing time for new tenants.