We are more than just intercoms. We offer a full suite of connected solutions designed to improve the tenant experience, reduce operating costs, and elevate your property past the competition. 

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The smart intercom

Our flagship product, the smart intercom is available in both in-wall and surface mount versions with a 7", 12" or 21" screen size. This unit proudly serves as the first communication between your building and any tenant or visitor. 




Connecting your property is at the heart of what we do. We've built a lot of integrations to make tenant and property management easy. Our software connects to all major property management systems allowing you to instantly add/remove tenants directly from your PMS. And our hardware connects directly to access control systems allowing for seamless, controlled entry throughout your property.



Elevator controls

Opening the front door is just the beginning, our smart intercom can also call the elevator while simultaneously granting access to certain floors. Whether it's the convenience of the elevator being called when your tenant enters the building or the security of ensuring visitors only have access to a certain floor, our elevator controls automate this for you.



Package room

Packages are important to tenants and a hassle for property managers. The ButterflyMX package room solution provides safety for your tenant's treasures while streamlining the delivery process for property managers. Our solution grants package room access to couriers and then notifies tenants of their delivery.



In-unit phones

Are in-unit phones a requirement of your municipality or a preference of certain tenants? Don't worry, the ButterlyMX in-unit solution allows landlords to extend the full wireless and hassle-free functionality of the app-based video chat smartphone to most residents, but keeping the in-unit phone ability for others. 



Tablet answering station

Sometimes having a designated answering station is what your property needs. We can provide a tablet with ButterflyMX preinstalled. This is especially attractive for commercial uses, as the tablet combines the features of ButterflyMX with the freedom of not having to be tethered to a specific location or wall like traditional intercom solutions. 



Concierge station

Have a doorman, front desk or concierge? The concierge station is a simple way to bring the ButterflyMX experience to your attended building. The system is installed on any Windows based computer and seamlessly connects with its camera and audio handset, giving your lobby attendant an easy way to contact residents, capture visitor information, and grant secure access to your property.