Tenant features

Built for modern living, our smart intercom provides tenants with features designed for safety and convenience. Use your smartphone to see who is at the building's front door, initiate a voice or video chat with visitors, issue virtual keys for seamless guests access, and more.

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Video calls

Tenants can use their smartphone to receive video calls from visitors. They can open the front door for guests, have a voice conversation, or even enable their camera and chat with their guest face-to-face.



Virtual keys

Tenants never have to give out a pair of keys again. Through our app, they can easily create and send unique virtual keys to whomever they please. The key can even be configured to work or expire at certain times.




Messaging options

Visitors can send a text or voice message to tenants when they are not home or are unavailable. Tenants receive the message as a notification and can view it on the ButterflyMX mobile app.



Digital timestamps

Tenants can view and manage records of all activity. Every virtual key access, door release, or message is time-, date- and photo-stamped and kept for review for 365 days.



Open and manage doors

At its core, our software is designed to help tenants open and manage doors. We’ve created a lot ways to accomplish this including both in-app and out-of-app features. Whether preemptively opening the door before a visitor calls or coming home from a jog without their keys, tenants will find the experience of opening the front door from their smartphone effortless.




Telephone backup

Residents without smartphones can still enjoy the benefits of our intercom. They will simply receive a phone call to any number they would like via the panel. And virtual keys, messages, release events can be accessed via their web account.