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Taking pride in our employees is one of our favorite things here at ButterflyMX. What started as a small startup has blossomed into the industry leader in proptech thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team. As we continue to grow, we like to take a moment each month to highlight one employee who’s chosen a career at ButterflyMX, helping us to grow so fast.

This month, we’re highlighting Danielle Thompson, a Sales Director on the National Asset Team. Discover her favorite part about working for ButterflyMX and how living in the mountains helps her recharge every weekend.

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Meet Danielle

  • Location: North Carolina
  • Position: Sales Director
  • Start Date: December 5, 2022


In a few sentences, tell us about what you do here at ButterflyMX.

I am a Sales Director with our National Asset Team. I provide our small buildings and commercial clients with solutions that provide added security and peace of mind for their buildings.


What’s your favorite part about working at ButterflyMX?

My favorite part about working at ButterflyMX is the collaboration with my team. The openness and willingness to share ideas, strategies, and processes is invaluable.


What’s the most significant thing you’ve learned while working here?

That you are never done learning! I’ve been in sales for 15 years and I find myself in a constant state of growth. ButterflyMX fosters a collaborative environment where learning is at the forefront of what we do every day.


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Tell us about your favorite day/event at ButterflyMX. What makes it so special/memorable?

My favorite event so far at ButterflyMX has to be our sales meeting from this past January. I got to hear engaging messages from so many of our sales leaders and spend time with all of my coworkers.


What has been the best part about working remotely? The most challenging?

The best part about working remotely is being able to balance being a mother of two and my career. As someone who just watched my oldest son graduate high school, time flies. I am grateful to have the flexibility to grow my career and be present for once-in-a-lifetime moments with my children. The most challenging part is not getting to see my colleagues face-to-face every day to chat and go on coffee runs, which is why I love our onsite meetings so much.


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Fun facts about Danielle


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I am a mountain girl through and through. I would be right here in Boone, NC. I’ve lived in a lot of places, but nothing makes me happier than being near the people I care about the most.


Do you have a secret talent (*cough* superpower) you want people to know about?

I would honestly say my autism is my superpower. My love for learning has allowed me to develop and sharpen so many different skills in my daily life and career. I have a passion for helping others and a passion for technology. ButterflyMX lets me focus on both.


What is your favorite thing to do after work or on the weekends?

After work or on the weekends, you will catch me at the nearest park or hiking trail. I love nature and spending time outside always lets me recharge.


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