Access made simple
for commercial properties

commercial property access butterflymx

Access made simple

for commercial properties

Built for security, convenience, and affordability

Improve your property access experience with live video, mobile access, and wireless installation.


Tenants and building staff get live video of visitors sent directly to their smartphone or computer. So they know who they are letting into the property.


Time- and date-stamped photos of all visitors are taken each time our system is used. These photos are stored for 365-days for review by tenants and property managers.

Manage permissions

Add or remove tenants with just a click. Even integrate your access control or property management system to automate the process.

Remote access

Property access can be granted at any time and from anywhere. Our system can even enable entry from remote locations — anywhere you have an internet connection.

Mobile access

Allow tenants, visitors, and building staff to use their smartphone to gain access to the building. You can even create one-time or recurring-use PINs for visitors such as delivery or maintenance people.

Eliminate wiring

Our system does not require expensive wiring or additional hardware throughout the building. It runs on just three connection: internet, power, and door lock and installs in minutes.


Know who you are letting into your property through live video.


Manage permissions and grant access from any smartphone or computer


Eliminate building wiring and the need for keys, keycards, and fobs.

“ButterflyMX’s video intercom allows our tenants to see and speak with whoever is trying to gain access to the property through an app on their smartphone or tablet — making them feel safer about who they are granting property access to.”

Bill Norman

Bill Norman

Property Manager
Boston Development Group

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The features your tenants and visitors will love

Use your smartphone to open and manage doors, issue virtual keys or delivery PINs for simple visitor access, review door entry logs for added security, and much more.

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We’re more than just smart access

Our cloud-based admin system allows business owners and property managers to easily add or remove tenants, issue virtual keys and delivery PINs, and review time- and date-stamped entry photos. What’s more, property analytics including door entries, tenant usage, and feature adoption is available to help you make better decisions about your property and the people working there.

Make access simple
at your property

trusted by more than 1 million

Make access simple at your property

trusted by more than 1 million