Resident features

Installing our smart intercom allows your residents to manage property access from their smartphone. They can receive video calls, unlock the door remotely, and grant managed access for delivery people and service providers.


The features residents love

Some more features

Elevator controls

If your building is equipped with our elevator controls, key-fobbed elevators can be unlocked by both our intercom and our mobile app – creating a ‘sidewalk to sofa’ building entry experience for visitors and guests.

Package room

If your building is equipped with our package room solution, couriers enter their delivery PIN to drop off a package. Once the delivery has been made, the tenant receives a notification to their smartphone that their package has been delivered.

Telephone backup

Residents without smartphones can still enjoy the benefits of our system. They will simply receive a phone call to any number they’d like. Moreover, virtual keys, delivery PINs, messages, and door release logs can be managed via their web account.

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