Access made simple
for industrial properties

industrial property access butterflymx

Access made simple

for industrial properties

Built for security, convenience, and affordability

Open, manage, and secure doors & gates from a smartphone.


Visitors and delivery people use the intuitive and durable touchscreen hardware to gain access to the property. It's familiar, simple, and lets your tenants see exactly who is coming in.

Audit trail

Time- and date-stamped photos are taken each time our system is used. These photos are stored for 365-days for review by tenants and property managers.

Mobile access

Tenants use their smartphone to open and manage doors & gates. It's secure, convenient, and gets rid of annoying keyfobs and access cards.

Remote access

Property access can be granted at anytime and from anywhere. Our system grants entry from anywhere you have internet, even another part of the world.

No wiring

There is no need to run wiring from the door or gate to each office suite. Our intercom runs on just three connections: internet, power, and lock.

No hardware

Eliminate the additional hardware that comes along with other video systems. We send our video to any iOS or Android device.


See and speak with visitors before letting them in.


Open and manage the building door from a smartphone.


Eliminate wiring and in-unit hardware

What our customers are saying…

“ButterflyMX’s video intercom allows our tenants to see and speak with whoever is trying to gain access to the property through an app on their smartphone or tablet — making them feel safer about who they are granting property access to.”

Jacques Bazinet

Bill Norman

Property Manager
Boston Development Group

Features your residents and visitors will love

We make property access simple for visitors and staff. From using a smartphone to open and manage doors & gates to issuing virtual keys for seamless guest access, here are some features designed to help improve the property access experience at your building. 

butterflymx software smartphone app

We’re more than just property access

Our cloud-based admin system allows property owners and managers to easily add or remove tenants and building staff, issue virtual keys and delivery PINs, and review time- and date-stamped entry photos. What’s more, our entry system includes integrations to other systems you’re already using like your access control and property management system.

Make access simple
at your property

trusted by more than 1 million

Make access simple at your property

trusted by more than 1 million