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At ButterflyMX, we understand the power of establishing relationships that bring immense value to your business and clients alike. That’s why the ButterflyMX dealer program aims to foster a thriving network of dealers like you looking to provide your customers and communities with the best access control experience possible.

With our new dealer program, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock revenue opportunities for your business by providing your customers with our award-winning line of access control products. What’s more, our dealer program provides you with a wealth of resources and support to ensure you succeed.

Learn everything you need to know about the ButterflyMX dealer program below.

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What is the ButterflyMX dealer program?

The ButterflyMX dealer program is a new initiative designed to help access control installers, integrators, and consultants, grow their business by selling our cloud-based access control products.

Once you’re part of our dealer program, you’ll receive a variety of exclusive benefits — all designed to help you market, sell, and install ButterflyMX. The dealer program is designed for established installers and integrators looking to sell and install our mobile-based access control products. Installers and integrators who join our dealer program will get installation training, discounted pricing, sales & marketing support, and installation referrals for projects in your area.


How do you join the dealer program?

You can join our dealer program by filling out the application found on our dealer program page. After receiving your submission, our team will review it to determine if you’re a good fit.

Upon acceptance, you’ll be invited to start the training courses. The training courses are comprised of videos and documentation designed to help you learn about ButterflyMX’s products and pass the certification tests. The online program is designed for you to go at your own pace, but many of our dealer partners get certified in less than 2 hours.

After completing your dealer certification, you’ll get access to all of the benefits listed below.


What are the benefits of joining the dealer program?

As a dealer, you’ll get access to exclusive benefits designed to help grow your business.

Our dealer program offers the following benefits:

  • Product training. Gain a deep understanding of how ButterflyMX’s access control products work so you can effectively communicate the features and benefits to your customers.
  • Installation training. Learn how to install our products quickly and correctly, including any wiring, networking, and power requirements.
  • Customer referrals. Get installation referrals delivered right to your inbox for properties in your area.
  • Discounted pricing. Receive deeply discounted pricing on all of our access control products.
  • Sales support. Work directly with a local ButterflyMX sales rep that will help you close deals faster.
  • Marketing materials. Access robust promotional materials such as product images, videos, and brochures to help you sell more.
    Deal tracking. Track all of your deals directly from an online portal, so you know exactly where your deals are in the sales process.


Join ButterflyMX’s industry-leading dealer program

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