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If you own or manage a commercial property with a ButterflyMX video intercom, your intercom should have our commercial directory. The commercial directory allows your ButterflyMX intercom to show a list of both companies and individual tenants. If you don’t have our commercial directory, you can reach out to our support team to add it. Once your ButterflyMX intercom has the commercial directory, you can add tenants. You can either do this manually or through our Google Workspace integration.

With our Google Workspace integration, employee lists for all the companies at your property sync automatically to the ButterflyMX commercial directory.

Important note: The integration must be set up by each office’s Google Workspace admin. This person must also be a ButterflyMX admin.


To activate our Google Workspace integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the ButterflyMX OS
  2. Navigate to the ‘Business units’ section
  3. Hit ‘Connect to Google Workspace’
  4. Log into your Google Account
  5. Click ‘Allow’
  6. Wait for the import to finish


Step 1: Log into the ButterflyMX OS

First, log into the ButterflyMX OS on a computer.


Next, navigate to the ‘Business units’ section on the left-hand side of the page.


Step 3: Hit ‘Connect to Google Workspace’

Hit the ‘Connect with Google Workspace’ button next to the name of your company.


Step 4: Log into your Google account

Google will then prompt you to log into your account. Use the same email that you used to register in the ButterflyMX OS.


Step 5: Click ‘Allow’

Once you’re logged into your Google Account, you’ll see a message stating that ButterflyMX would like to access your Google Account. Hit ‘Allow’.

Note: We will only be accessing your Google Account to view the users on your domain.


Step 6: Wait for the import to finish

Finally, wait for the import to finish. Once completed, we automatically direct you back to the ButterflyMX OS.

Look for a checkmark under ‘Sync’ to verify that you are connected to Google Workspace. If the checkmark is there, we will sync your workspace automatically every 24 hours.

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