A gym security system will keep your fitness center safe and secure.


Key takeaways

  • A good security-based entry system for a gym will provide easy access for a large number of users, deter crime, and make things easier for staff.
  • The ButterflyMX keypad is the best gym security system and gym access control system because it provides touchless entry, remote management, temporary guest access, and it integrates well with other security systems and door entry system options.
  • Alternative security systems include full-height turnstiles and video cameras


Your ideal gym security system will take into consideration more than just a method of verifying your guest’s gym membership credentials. A good gym security system will both manage gym access control and be extremely convenient for gym members and staff members.

In this guide, we’ll first cover why gym access control systems are important to the fitness industry. Next, we’ll review how much systems for gyms cost. Finally, we’ll provide you with the best security system for gyms and fitness centers.

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Why do you need a gym management system?

In addition to providing easy and quick access to your gym members, a good gym security system is important for a number of reasons.

Security systems for fitness facilities will:

  • Improve customer service. Over 64 million Americans belong to some form of gym or health club. This frequent flow of users can quickly overwhelm an outdated gym check-in system. Conversely, good door entry systems will manage access for a high volume of users and ensure capacity limits.
  • Allow for 24-hour access. Health club members often lead busy lives and want to exercise at their convenience. A good security system will empower you to provide consistent gym access at any time of day. As a result, membership with your gym is flexible and attractive to a wider range of prospective members.
  • Ease up responsibilities for gym staff. A security system that prevents unauthorized entry and allows users to gain access independently will clear up time for a staff member at your front desk to focus on other duties that require a human. A good security system will also cut down on staffing costs. In turn, you’ll see higher staff retention rates and better employee satisfaction overall
  • Prevent theft. Theft and unruliness in locker rooms is a big problem in the fitness industry. A secure facility will give you a competitive advantage over health clubs that don’t take access control measures to protect their members’ belongings.
  • Provide insight into member activity. With a robust gym access control system, you can measure data like peak visiting hours, most popular spaces, and the average frequency of gym visits by members.
  • Increase security. While having a staff member greet gym members as they arrive and sign in may have worked in the past, it’s just not thorough enough for the modern gym experience. Instead, an access control system at your fitness center can guarantee that only paying members are granted access to the gym itself and to various amenity spaces.


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How do gym key fobs work?

Gym key fobs, which stands for “keyless frequency operated button”, work by storing a user’s entry credentials on a thumb-sized device. All a user has to do is scan the key fob at an entry station to be granted access to a facility. Many gym key fobs feature a user’s gym membership data. Depending on the type of door entry system that you use, if a user no longer has an active membership, then they will be denied entry.


Components and types of 24/7 gym security systems

Gym security can be much more robust and efficient than locking doors and on-site security guards.

Other components and types of gym security systems include:

  • Full-height turnstiles. These are a useful physical security measure that, when paired with an access control system, restricts unauthorized entry to the fitness space while still allowing people inside the interior doors. This is ideal so that people can enter the building and enquire about gym memberships from the front desk staff.
  • Video surveillance cameras. These are some of the most common forms of security for any facility. Cameras integrate with most systems and are proven to deter crime and cut down on security risks. They can be placed at access doors and within multiple locations within the interior of your facility.
  • Gym membership cards and key fobs. These are physical credentials that can be scanned by a door entry system. If a user has an active membership, then they will be granted access.
  • Barcode readers. Barcode readers will scan the barcode on the back of a gym membership card and confirm that they have an active membership. However, barcode readers are often separate devices that do not control access to an entryway. Barcode readers are typically located at front desk gym check-in stations.


An example of a gym security system that features a check in desk.


How much will a gym security system cost?

The cost of a security system for your gym will depend on the type of specific hardware solutions, such as access control, that you might need. A fully integrated system will cost a lot more than individual security devices such as barcode readers.

This all depends on the type of system you opt for and the company you choose to work with.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


The top gym security system on the market

The best gym security system with door entry is the ButterflyMX keypad.

The ButterflyMX keypad for fitness centers features:

  • Mobile access. The ButterflyMX keypad does away with key fobs, key cards, and custom access cards. Instead, users can tap on a prompt in the app on their mobile device for keyless entry. This prevents physical hardware, such as a key fob, from being lost.
  • Sleek touchscreen. Users can also enter a unique PIN code on the keypad’s touchscreen. Temporary PIN codes can be assigned to guests. This is especially useful if they are trying out a gym membership for the trial period.
  • Cloud-based software. All data for gym members is stored on the cloud. If your membership system determines that a user is no longer welcome at your fitness center, then you can revoke access. You can also monitor how many people have entered your fitness facility in case you need to monitor capacity limits.
  • Integrations. Another standout aspect of the ButterflyMX keypad is that it is an integrated security system that works well with other security systems, such as speed gates, gym software, biometric readers, and proximity readers, in addition to any existing system that you may have.

In addition to a gym access control system, you might want to look into the ButterflyMX elevator controls. With this access control device, you can secure access to specific floors at your fitness center. Floors can be restricted for different types of tiered memberships, swimming pools, and office areas that are only for gym owners and gym operators.


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