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ButterflyMX strives to make property access simple for everyone — and our growing list of integrations helps us achieve this. By partnering with some of the biggest names in real estate, we’re able to simplify access with products and services you already use. Today, we’re spotlighting one of our integration partners, MRI Software.

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About MRI Software

Headquarters: Solon, Ohio
Year founded: 1971
What they do: Property Management and accounting software

MRI Software is a leading provider of real estate software solutions that transform the way communities live, work, and play. MRI’s open and connected, AI-first platform empowers owners, operators, and occupiers in commercial and residential property organizations to innovate in rapidly changing markets.

Through innovative solutions and a rich partner ecosystem, MRI gives real estate companies the freedom to realize their vision of building thriving communities and stronger businesses.


MRI Living features

The MRI Living toolkit of property management solutions can help you every step of the way through the residential lifecycle. List your properties with ease, lease units efficiently, and live your best life by simplifying the process.



List your properties and maximize occupancy by attracting qualified prospects faster — no all-or-nothing platforms required. 

  • Market: Easily attract, track, and nurture your leads to reach prospects first.
  • Tour: Filter out fraudsters before the first tour to keep your staff and community safe.



Lease units to qualified residents without worrying about the safety and security of your community.  

  • Apply: Your online leasing office is always open, and prospects can apply anytime, anywhere.
  • Screen: Leave tough screening decisions to the pros because you’re not a professional detective.
  • Lease: Let renters sign leases and pay deposits online – no more “please print, sign, scan, and return.”
  • Protect: Protect your community and minimize loss with an AI-powered renters insurance program.



Live your best life while keeping residents engaged with a convenient and flexible set of digital solutions. 

  • Manage: Simplify the day-to-day property management and accounting tasks so you spend less time on repetitive financial tasks.
  • Interact: Keep the lines open between you and your residents without always being on call.
  • Collect: Increase cash flow and stop chasing down rent by offering multiple payment channels through RentPayment.
  • Renew: Allow residents to review, accept, and sign lease renewals automatically on their schedule.


Watch how ButterflyMX works with MRI Software:


Integration with ButterflyMX

MRI Software and ButterflyMX have partnered to make life easier for property managers.

Benefits of the integration include:

  • Never worry about creating or handing out keys
  • Automatically grant and remove access upon move in/out
  • Spend less time updating your databases

By using ButterflyMX with MRI, you’ll only have to maintain a single database. Residents added to your MRI property management system are automatically pushed to ButterflyMX so they can register and begin accessing the property. So, you can spend less time on manual data entry or managing access credentials and more time delighting your residents.


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Hear from the MRI Software team


Introduce yourself: who are you, and what is your role?

MRI Software is a global leader of real estate software solutions. 


What is MRI Software?

MRI Software provides residential management technology that helps onsite property staff run a tighter ship without sacrificing their personal life in the process. The MRI Living suite of property management solutions makes it easy to take better care of business, residents, and staff.  


What are the biggest challenges you aim to solve for rental housing owners and managers?

Rental housing owners and managers must deliver a top-of-the-line resident experience while balancing occupancy, revenue, and risk. The job responsibilities keep expanding, but the hours in the day don’t. Staff must wear many hats, including marketer, lawyer, accountant, and credit agency to do the job well. MRI’s goal is to provide tools that make life easier for staff and residents so they can spend more time creating a strong community. 


How do you solve those challenges?

MRI offers the flexibility to choose the technology that fits your needs from a suite of property management tools that work together, separately, or alongside your existing tech. No need to commit to all-or-nothing platforms that come with hit-or-miss features, and there’s no need to pay for anything that you don’t want or will barely use. 


Can you tell us why the MRI Software and ButterflyMX integration works well for mutual customers?

The integration between MRI and ButterflyMX provides clients with the flexibility to leverage solutions that automate tasks and drive further efficiency for their business.


Integrate MRI Software and ButterflyMX

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