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Key takeaways

  • A proptech partner program integrates technology providers with real estate stakeholders.
  • Benefits include access to advanced technology, training, increased revenue, and marketing support.
  • Access control installers, and dealers benefit from risk mitigation, market differentiation, and growth opportunities.
  • ButterflyMX offers tailored partner programs with comprehensive training, discounts, referrals, and sales support.


A proptech dealer program offers invaluable benefits to access control installers, and dealers. These benefits range from training and certification to increased revenue streams and business growth opportunities.

In this post, we outline what a proptech partner program is, the different types, plus the benefits of joining a partner program. Then, we talk about the best proptech partner program and what you can expect from it.

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What is a proptech partner program?

A proptech partner program is a collaborative and initiative platform designed to integrate property technology solutions with various stakeholders in the real estate and construction industries.

Proptech encompasses digital innovations aimed at enhancing the efficiency and experience of real estate processes. These programs bring together technology providers, installers, and authorized dealers to streamline the deployment of advanced solutions such as access control systems and smart home devices.


How many proptech companies are there?

As of now, there are just over 10,000 proptech companies worldwide and several thousand proptech startups.

As such, now is a great time to form a partnership with some of the top proptech companies in your country.


Why join a proptech partner program?

You may be asking yourself: “Why should I join a partner program for proptech?” Well, there are many reasons to join, especially if you’re eager to boost your business.

You should join a property technology partner program to:

  • Enhance expertise and specialize or enhance technical skills.
  • Mitigate the risks associated with purchasing and stocking expensive hardware upfront
  • Experience market differentiation by receiving certification from a leading proptech company.
  • Boost growth opportunities through potential product discounts and company referral networks.


What is the best proptech partner program?

ButterflyMX offers a comprehensive and flexible partner program tailored to meet the needs of different types of partners. Moreover, our partner program stands out as an excellent choice, offering industry solutions and comprehensive support to meet the diverse needs of its partners.

Below, we detail the two types of programs we offer and how to join a partner program with ButterflyMX.

The two types of programs we offer:


Installer program

The installer program is specifically designed for individuals and businesses focusing solely on installing ButterflyMX hardware.


  • Application. Apply online and select the option to only install ButterflyMX products. Approval is granted within one business day.
  • Online certification. Complete a one-hour online certification program.



  • Installation training. Quick and correct installation training, reducing on-site errors.
  • No cash layout or collection risk. Hardware sales are handled by ButterflyMX, eliminating financial risks.
  • Referrals. Inclusion in the network with installation referrals.


Dealer program

The dealer program is best for those who wish to both sell and install ButterflyMX hardware.



  • Application. Apply online and select the option to sell and install ButterflyMX products. Approval is granted within one business day.
  • Online certification. Complete a two-hour online certification program.



  • Installation and product training. Comprehensive training on installation techniques and product features.
  • Hardware discounts. Purchase ButterflyMX at discounted rates to generate profit margins.
  • Referrals. Receive installation referrals.
  • Sales and marketing support. Access to sales training and marketing resources.


Discover how the ButterflyMX dealer program works:


Pros and cons of a proptech partner program

Now that you know what a proptech partner program is, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of entering a partnership with a proptech company.



  • Access to innovative solutions. Partner programs provide access to cutting-edge proptech solutions that can streamline operations, enhance tenant experiences, and drive cost efficiencies.
  • Integration. Many proptech platforms are designed to integrate with existing property management systems, enabling seamless data exchange and improved operational efficiency.
  • Expertise and support. Proptech partners often provide training, technical support, and industry expertise to help clients maximize the value of their solutions.
  • Cost savings. Partner programs may offer discounted pricing or bundled offerings, potentially reducing the overall cost of implementing proptech solutions.



  • Vendor contracting. Partnering with a specific proptech provider may limit flexibility and make it challenging to switch to alternative solutions in the future.
  • Implementation challenges. Adopting new proptech solutions can require significant time and resources for implementation, integration, and staff training.
  • Dependence on partner’s plan. The partner’s product roadmap and development priorities may not always align with the client’s specific needs or timelines.


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5 benefits of a proptech partner program

In the section below, we’ll outline the potential benefits you can enjoy from being partnered with a proptech company’s partner program.

Benefits of proptech partner programs include:

  1. Access to cutting-edge technology
  2. Training and certification
  3. Increased revenue streams
  4. Marketing and sales support
  5. Referrals and networking opportunities


1. Access to cutting-edge technology

Partnering with a proptech company as an installer or dealer affords you the ability to offer state-of-the-art solutions to your clients. For many, the ability to have a reliable catalog of products from the best manufacturers is what sets them apart from the competition.

On the other hand, maintaining a partnership with a proptech company that can supply you with access control and security products can help keep you at the forefront of new technology.


2. Training and certification

Many proptech partner programs offer comprehensive training, which ensures partners are skilled in installation, sales, and maintenance.

One of the benefits of these training sessions is the certification partners receive once they’ve completed the program. Furthermore, these certifications enhance credibility and customer trust for installers, dealers, and resellers.


3. Increased revenue streams

It’s no secret that selling, installing, and maintaining advanced technology solutions diversifies revenue.

As such, being part of a partner incentives program like the one from ButterflyMX gives you the potential to boost profitability through added services and access to discounted products..


4. Marketing and sales support

While some access control partnerships expect installers to come up with their own marketing materials, ButterflyMX wants to make marketing and sales as simple as possible — when you succeed, we succeed.

As such, our proptech partner program offers ongoing support via marketing materials and sales training to effectively promote and sell our solutions.


5. Referrals and networking opportunities

Lastly, we offer a referral partner program and networking opportunities to ButterflyMX-certified installers and dealers as we know that inclusion in a network can lead to new business opportunities.

What’s more, our collaboration efforts with ButterflyMX partners easily expand business reach and boost sales across the board.


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