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New York-based software company BuildingLink provides property management software for property managers looking to optimize the experience of managing, working, and living in a luxury residence.

BuildingLink is a market leader in property management solutions, empowering customers through industry-leading technologies, extraordinary support and training programs, and the ability to tailor solutions to fit client’s unique needs. With its advanced software and hardware solutions, BuildingLink enables thousands of buildings worldwide to operate seamlessly and efficiently.
Buildinglink and ButterflyMX integration

Solutions for everyone

BuildingLink empowers property managers to enhance their management, work, and resident experiences within luxury residences.
BuildingLink centralizes data access and simplifies operations for your management team by providing online access and dedicated mobile apps that empower and inform everyone from asset managers to leasing staff. Residents also benefit from increased engagement and information, ensuring they have peace of mind knowing they live in an efficiently managed property.

Database sync

With the BuildingLink with ButterflyMX integration, all resident access data is automatically synced, so any access changes you make within BuildingLink will automatically be reflected in your access control system instead of having to update data in two places. As a result, you’ll gain back the time you spend on manual data entry and managing access credentials, allowing you to spend more time delighting your residents.
ButterflyMX 12 inch video intercom
butterflymx mobile app
By integrating with ButterflyMX, you’ll never have to worry about handing out keys, keycards, or fobs again. Any time a new resident moves in, they’ll automatically be added to the ButterflyMX property access system. Then, any time a resident moves out, their access permissions are automatically removed.

ButterflyMX + BuildingLink

As a property manager using BuildingLink, you can maintain a single database for resident access information that will sync directly with the ButterflyMX system. This allows new residents to automatically gain access to the property from the start of their lease, which will then be revoked once the lease expires.