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Carson’s all-in-one app and 24/7 remote doorman service redefines the living experience in unstaffed or partially staffed residential buildings. By seamlessly integrating resident services and streamlining communication for property management, Carson dramatically enhances residents’ lifestyles while optimizing operational efficiency.

carson butterflymx integration
Designed for properties without full-time staff or with limited on-site personnel, Carson bridges the gap by offering high-quality services typically exclusive to larger, staffed buildings. Whether there’s a full-time superintendent or not, Carson’s intuitive platform centralizes essential features like communications, payments, and access, making it an essential tool for modern residential living.
ButterflyMX and Carson integration

A One-App Experience

The integration between ButterflyMX and Carson brings the convenience of ButterflyMX directly into the Carson mobile app, empowering residents to control access seamlessly from one platform.

With Carson’s mobile app already facilitating service requests, payments, and other tasks, the integration with ButterflyMX now extends its capabilities to include building access and guest management. Through the Carson app, residents can effortlessly open their building’s doors and accept video calls from guests at the building’s video intercom, streamlining the entire process within a single platform.

Access From Anywhere

With just a touch of a button in the Carson mobile app, residents can unlock doors from anywhere. To access their ButterflyMX doors, residents will simply navigate to the home screen of their resident app and press “buzz open door.”

Carson mobile app
Resident directory

Additionally, upon guests’ arrival at the entrance of the building, residents have the convenience of receiving video calls and remotely granting access via the Carson mobile app. This seamless integration enhances security measures while offering residents unparalleled convenience in managing visitor access.

ButterflyMX + Carson

Implementing this integration empowers you to bring ButterflyMX’s access control system into your Carson resident app. This all-in-one integration will delight residents, property staff, and visitors alike.

Together, Carson and ButterflyMX offer a solution that boosts resident satisfaction, improves the resident experience, and increases NOI for multifamily developers and operators.