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Texas-based ResMan provides revolutionary property management software to support everyday property management operations.


ResMan property management software fosters property growth and community engagement through a platform that connects the multifamily landscape. What’s more, their software empowers property managers and investors to operate, market, and push their business forward.

ButterflyMX and ResMan integration

Designed by property managers

New property management challenges need evolutionary approaches to solve them. 

With this in mind, ResMan was purpose-built for property managers, by property managers who understand the challenges. ResMan’s property management software gives the confidence and end-to-end visibility needed to operate, market, and push business forward. What’s more, ResMan delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to address current and future needs – from leasing and maintenance to accounting and finance.

Database sync

By integrating ResMan with ButterflyMX, all resident access data will automatically be synced, so any access changes you make within ResMan will automatically be reflected in your access control system instead of having to update data in two places. As a result, you’ll gain back the time you spend on manual data entry and managing access credentials, allowing you to spend more time delighting your residents.

intercom resident directory
butterflymx mobile app

By integrating with ButterflyMX, you’ll never have to worry about handing out keys, keycards, or fobs again. Any time a new resident moves in, they’ll automatically be added to the ButterflyMX property access system. And any time a resident moves out, their access permissions are automatically removed.

ButterflyMX + ResMan

As a property manager using ResMan, you can maintain a single database for resident access information that will sync directly with the ButterflyMX system. This allows new residents to automatically gain access to the property from the start of their lease, which will then be revoked once the lease expires.