SmartRent is an enterprise smart home automation company developing software and hardware to manage, protect and automate daily operational processes.

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SmartRent’s solutions are designed to provide property managers seamless visibility and control over all their communities’ assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control apps for residents. From self-guided tours to parking management and access control, SmartRent’s integrations, partnerships, and purpose-built solutions provide endless options for owners and developers to create a customized automation platform that works for them.

SmartRent ButterflyMX integration timeline

Complete Smart Home Solution

SmartRent provides a robust range of products and smart home solutions to meet the needs of today’s renters as well as the owners and managers of rental properties.

With seamless integrations, SmartRent is able to offer smart parking, access control, smart apartments and homes, community WiFi, asset protection, and more, all from one interface. And through their integration with ButterflyMX, Smart Rent is able to offer a complete self-guided tours solution.

Self-Guided Tours


The integration between ButterflyMX and SmartRent combines the power of secure property access control and web-based self-guided tours for a better prospect experience.


Self-guided tours with Smartrent and ButterflyMX
Self-guided tours with SmartRent

SmartRent self-guided tours is a contactless touring solution that empowers prospects to safely tour communities using a variety of smart technology devices without the need for a leasing agent to be present. Self-guided tours include an I.D. check, which verifies prospect identity by matching ID cards via a selfie upload and facial recognition.

ButterflyMX + SmartRent

Together, SmartRent and ButterflyMX are able to offer self-guided tours that allow flexible personalized touring based on a property’s needs.

Benefits include shorter vacancy time, time savings for prospective residents and building staff, increased leasing agent efficiency, and a comfortable, stress-free experience for prospects.