We are more than just intercoms. We offer a full suite of connected solutions designed to improve the tenant experience, reduce operating costs, and elevate your property past the competition. 


The smart intercom

Our flagship product, the smart intercom is available in both in-wall and surface mount versions with a 7", 12" or 21" screen size. This unit proudly serves as the first communication between your building and any tenant or visitor. 

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Concierge station

The concierge station is a simple way to bring the ButterflyMX experience to your building attended by a doorman, guard or concierge. The system includes a desktop computer, camera and audio handset that gives your lobby attendant an easy way to contact residents to grant access to guests. 




Package room

The ButterflyMX package room solution provides unparalleled safety to your tenant's treasured packages. The ButterflyMX hardware is mounted outside of a dedicated package room with a software interface that is designed for both couriers and tenants. This process happens in three steps:

  1. Couriers are able to easily select the tenants for package delivery and are granted access to the room.
  2. Tenants are notified through the ButterflyMX app of their package delivery
  3. Tenants can enter their unique PIN code at the package room to retrieve their package. 

This solution is ideal for buildings that need a way to limit access to a dedicated area for packages. 



Elevator controls

Buildings face increasing security challenges every day. Many building managers have chosen to install access controlled elevator systems. However, these systems limit the ability for visitors to reach their destination. The ButterflyMX elevator control solution allows access to be granted to the front door and the required floor in the elevator system. 



In-unit phones

The ButterlyMX in-unit solution allows landlords to extend the full wireless and hassle-free functionality of the app-based video chat smartphone to most residents, but keeping the in-unit phone ability for others. While ButterflyMX also allows residents to use their own mobile or landline phone, some landlords with to provide a full hardwired solution. ButterflyMX is able to meet your needs with the in-unit solution. 



Tablet answering station

ButterflyMX users can install the app on any iOS or Android tablet device to answer the intercom. This is especially attractive for commercial uses. The tablet provides the features of ButterflyMX and the freedom of not having to be teathered to a specific location or wall like traditional intercom solutions. 



Access control integration

ButterflyMX is a robust software platform and integrates with most major access control systems. 



Property management integration

ButterflyMX is able to sync your tenant database between your property management system and ButterflyMX. All you have to do is add a tenant to your property management dashboard and their account is automatically created in ButterflyMX and listed on the intercom directory when they move in.

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