7" surface intercom

Compact design that packs a punch


Meet the 7” surface

Mounted on a wall or pedestal, the 7″ surface video intercom is perfect for smaller entryways.

A small intercom that makes a big impact at your entrance. This intercom offers flexibility and easy installation on all surfaces, whether you’re installing it at a door or a gate.

Weather-proof and vandal-resistant, the 7” surface intercom provides peace of mind that your hardware can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

The best part? You won’t have to wire the entire building or install expensive in-unit hardware. The 7” surface empowers your residents to unlock doors, video chat with visitors, and grant access for deliveries — all from a smartphone.


  • IP65 rated for dust, water, and chemical resistance

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Min/max temperature: min: -30ºC / -22ºF max: +60 ºC / + 140 ºF

  • Infrared proximity sensors for motion detection

  • Two USB 3 ports

  • One DisplayPort

  • One Serial port

  • Four dry contact relays with adjustable timings

  • 26-bit Wiegand format card reader

  • Wiegand output terminals for connecting internal card reader to access control system

  • Standard power socket: NEMA 5-15

  • Panel input voltage: 24VDC  

  • Standard power consumption: 31W at 24VDC input

  • Maximum power consumption: 65W at 24VDC input

  • Relay max switching current: 5A, relay max

  • Switching power: 1250W

  • Coordinate dedicated electrical circuit on UPS (power conditioned)

  • Adaptive bitrate for up to 1080p HD video transfer

  • 90° field of view

  • Adjustable tilt

  • Antiglare polycarbonate display

  • Capacitive 10-point multitouch

  • Auto-adjusting LED with up to 1000 Nits of brightness

  • Vandal resistant (tested to withstand 225g drop ball test from 1.6 meters)

  • Resolution: 1024 x 600

  • Dual gigabit ethernet ports
  • IP assigned by DHCP (Static IP assignment available)
  • Wireless capabilities



Steve F. Hallsey

Managing Director
Wood Partners


“We regularly survey our residents for feedback on their living experience, and we’ve found that our ButterflyMX equipped buildings score higher than our non-ButterflyMX equipped buildings.”

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