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Meridian Property Management Chose ButterflyMX for its Integration with Yardi, Remote Management, and Delivery Access


Meet Meridian Property Management

Based in West Fargo, North Dakota, Meridian Property Management oversees a 1700-unit portfolio spanning the Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo communities. Its properties — which range from single-family and townhomes to multifamily apartment buildings — are designed, built, and managed locally.

Meridian Property Management puts residents first by delivering attentive service, prompt maintenance, and state-of-the-art living spaces. In a Meridian home, every detail down to the premier countertop finishes and custom paint colors is carefully curated to create a world-class living experience. To make residents’ lives easier, the Meridian management team offers modern conveniences like digital rent payments, online maintenance requests, and electronic door locks.


With over a dozen apartment buildings in our portfolio, we needed a modern building entry solution that was quick and easy to retrofit.”

The challenge for Meridian Property Management

The Meridian management team was no stranger to the frustrations of outdated access control technology.

“We were fed up with the old analog entry systems at our properties,” says Timothy How, General Manager at Meridian Property Management. “One of the biggest problems was that we couldn’t update resident directories remotely. Every time a resident moved in or out, a staff member had to go on-site and manually update the building directory, which cost us several hours of our time every month.”

On top of that, visitor access issues had been causing trouble for far too long. Meridian staff and residents were sick of coordinating schedules and leaving keys behind for vendors, maintenance providers, and other visitors — including delivery people, which meant that packages weren’t always safe from theft. Without a reliable property access solution, Meridian apartments didn’t have a way to get the growing number of delivery carriers through the front door. As a result, packages were left in plain sight, easy targets for local porch pirates.


We were fed up with the old analog entry systems at our properties. We needed a system that let us easily update the resident directory, grant property access remotely, and ensure seamless package delivery.”

Choosing a solution

As frustration mounted for both property staff and residents, a Meridian team member suggested ButterflyMX. This staff member — who had experience with ButterflyMX in a prior role — explained how the intercom worked and what it could do for Meridian’s apartments. ButterflyMX’s video intercom was exactly what they needed: a modern, tech-forward solution that would vastly improve the resident experience while saving time and hassle for staff.

With ButterflyMX, the Meridian team now updates the resident directory at each property without leaving the office. And after integrating ButterflyMX with their Yardi property management software, rent roll changes automatically sync with the intercom’s directory. “We used to spend eight hours a month just updating directories,” says How. “Now when a resident is added to Yardi, they’re automatically added to ButterflyMX. And when they’re removed from Yardi, they’re automatically removed from ButterflyMX — doesn’t get any easier than that!”

ButterflyMX 12 inch video intercom
butterflymx mobile app

Additionally, choosing ButterflyMX means guests and vendors can seamlessly access any building as needed, either with a quick video call to a resident or a virtual key created in advance. And the convenient delivery PINs curb package theft, allowing delivery people to easily place packages inside the building.

The ButterflyMX video intercom solved all three problems plaguing Meridian’s properties. Impressed by the system, Meridian’s management team presented it to the ownership group. Ownership approved it without so much as a phone call or quote request to an alternative provider.


The outcome

Within three months of first inquiring about ButterflyMX, Meridian Property Management has the system up and running in all 15 of its apartment buildings. And within two months of installation, nearly 70% of Meridian’s residents have downloaded and are using the ButterflyMX mobile app to provide access for themselves, guests, and their deliveries— an adoption rate that demonstrates how much residents value the system.

“ButterflyMX is a smart investment in all the ways we expected, but also in ways we didn’t,” explains How. “The added security of the door release audit trail is the greatest unexpected benefit. Staff and residents feel safer knowing who they’re letting into the property.”

Enjoying improved security, convenience, and time-savings, the Meridian team looks forward to installing ButterflyMX in all of its future developments, as well as six buildings operated by its sister company in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Timothy How

General Manager
Meridian Property Management


If you’re on the fence, just get a demo of ButterflyMX. Now that it’s up and running at our properties, we’re so glad we did.”

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Make access simple at your property

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