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Why This Phenix Salon Suites Franchisee Chose ButterflyMX to Enhance Safety and Convenience


Meet Phenix Salon Suites franchisee, Anthony Nasser

Based on Long Island, Anthony Nasser is a Managing Partner who owns two Phenix Salon Suites franchises and manages eight more thriving locations.

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Established in 2003 by a founder whose family has been in the beauty industry since 1929, Phenix Salon Suites has emerged as one of the fastest-growing salon suite companies in the hair and beauty industry. Putting a modern twist on salon care, Phenix Salon Suites supports beauty and lifestyle professionals who are looking to build their own businesses and cultivate a dedicated client base. That’s where Phenix Salon Suites franchisee, Anthony Nasser, comes in. As the owner of two Phenix Salon Suites franchises and the managing director of eight more, Nasser provides hair and beauty professionals with the flexibility to personalize their brand, operate independently, and create a luxurious experience for their clients — all from an exclusive, self-contained workspace.
Video intercom at Phenix Salon Suite

The challenge for Phenix Salon Suites franchisee Anthony Nasser

When Anthony Nasser began his journey as a Phenix Salon Suites franchisee, he realized he needed a unified access control solution that would make his primarily female staff and client base feel safe and secure.
Salon suites are a dynamic and fast-growing industry, so Nasser had to find a robust end-to-end solution to streamline access at his properties — and quickly. Fortunately, Nasser found his perfect salon suite access control system in ButterflyMX. “So, the first order of business was to find an intercom system with a decent video module that people were comfortable using and that made them feel safe when they were at work,” explains Nasser. “I found a franchisee who was using Butterfly[MX] elsewhere, and that’s how I found the solution.” ButterflyMX empowers Nasser to manage access to all of his salon suites’ locations remotely. As a result, he can control who’s accessing his property from anywhere without even needing to be onsite. What’s more, ButterflyMX offers a secure yet flexible way for Nasser to hand over access management to his salon suite renters so that they can grant, manage, and monitor access directly.
I did some research on my own, I went to visit locations where Butterfly[MX] existed […] and tested it and tried it for myself, and I was convinced, and I made the decision to move forward.

Choosing a solution

Nasser chose ButterflyMX to offer a safe and secure experience for staff, clients, and delivery couriers where staff could visually verify guests before granting them access to the property.

ButterflyMX’s video intercom empowers clients to select their stylist and launch two-way video calls with them before they’re granted access to the salon. To test the solution and ensure a high-quality access experience for clients and staff, Nasser installed ButterflyMX at two locations.
ButterflyMX 12 inch video intercom
butterflymx mobile app
“The stylist will arrive to the building and either swipe while talking to the door, or they may use the PIN we set up. […] And for a client approaching the building, they’ll approach the intercom, which is very simple to use — you just touch the screen! — they scroll to the stylist they’re looking for, they hit the call button, and immediately the person responds and provides access using a quick swipe,” explains Nasser.
For us here at Phenix Salon Suites, ButterflyMX is really a one-stop solution for our access control system.

The outcome

Anthony Nasser has installed ButterflyMX at two Phenix Salon Suites locations, with plans to add more.

“We plan on adding ButterflyMX to a number of the locations that I manage. Currently, ButterflyMX is installed at the two locations that I own, and I manage eight other locations. So, we plan to transition from the existing intercom system to ButterflyMX at the other eight locations that I manage,” explains Nasser. His stylists love how easy it is to use their smartphones to access the building. The video calling feature also makes it simple for stylists to visually verify clients before granting them access to the property. Additionally, the delivery pass feature streamlines package management and allows staff to receive packages securely. Most importantly, the onboarding process was seamless, and the hardware was simple to install.
Anthony Nasser

Anthony Nasser

Managing Partner – Phenix Salon Suites

Long Island, NY

The experience with Butterfly[MX] at our salon suites currently has been nothing but positive. Everyone was very thankful, and I received many comments about the system, how great it works, how easy it is to use; everything so far has been very positive.

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