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The Flying Locksmiths Team Up With ButterflyMX to Make Property-Wide Access Simple


Meet The Flying Locksmiths

The Flying Locksmiths is an industry leader with over 75 years of experience providing comprehensive security services to residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings that extend far beyond traditional locksmith offerings.

The Flying Locksmiths

Since its founding in 1946, The Flying Locksmiths has evolved and expanded its range of services to meet the growing need for property-wide access control solutions. But The Flying Locksmiths’ mission of providing top-of-the-line security for properties of all types has remained the same. With a diverse range of knowledge and experience, The Flying Locksmiths’ dedicated team of installers have bolstered security for properties of all sizes across the country. These experts and industry professionals assess the unique needs of each client and recommend tailor-made security solutions that ensure every property receives top-of-the-line protection.

The Flying Locksmiths installation

The challenge for The Flying Locksmiths

Blending traditional values with forward-thinking tech, The Flying Locksmiths has cemented its position as a security industry leader by partnering with providers of the latest access control property technology.

From multifamily buildings to commercial office spaces, The Flying Locksmiths’ clients rely on their expertise to recommend tailored solutions for their unique property needs. So, the professionals at The Flying Locksmiths must be able to recommend products that are reliable, adaptable, scaleable, and stand strong over time. “We install access control systems, work on safes, intercoms. The motto is, if it’s on the door, we handle it,” explains Joe Ferrick, a franchise owner based out of New York City. “ButterflyMX has helped my business working in the five boroughs in that once we’ve installed it, we’re not going to get a call back as to [the] functionality or the product’s not working. We know it’s a solid product. It’s doing what it’s supposed to,” explains Ferrick.


It’s straightforward. You’re not juggling hundreds of different products; they lead with the product that works. There’s a lot of different size products for different sized buildings or whatever the case might be.

Choosing a solution

The Flying Locksmiths recommends ButterflyMX because installers have the peace of mind of knowing that it’s the best product for making property access simple for clients.

What’s more, the ButterflyMX dealer program empowers technicians with the training and expertise they need to install the video intercom, as well as educate them on a suite of other end-to-end access control solutions. This empowers installers with the skills they need to stay ahead of the curve and install a wide range of cutting-edge technologies.

ButterflyMX 12 inch video intercom
butterflymx mobile app

“What sets ButterflyMX’s dealer program apart is that it’s very easy… you can log into the portal and see everything right in front of you in terms of the installs you’ve done, updated product information, and then whatever else you need to hopefully close a new deal,” explains Ferrick.


The technical team is at the ready … They’re there to help you because they know time is money. You want to get this install going and move on to the next one.

The outcome

After installing ButterflyMX in properties throughout New York City, The Flying Locksmiths franchise owner Joe Ferrick says, “So far with ButterflyMX, it’s been a home run.”

ButterflyMX’s range of robust features are designed to work seamlessly to facilitate property-wide access for clients and is easy to install. “ButterflyMX also saves us time when it comes to the first time we’re meeting with a specific customer, whether they’re the property management company or the building owner … they sometimes have already done their homework in terms of how well the product works, and then the product gets up and running, and then everybody’s happy,” explains Ferrick.

Joe Ferrick The Flying Locksmiths

Joe Ferrick

Owner – The Flying Locksmiths, New York City


You know, working with ButterflyMX, you’re seeing the evolution of their products. You’re seeing the new product lines. And it’s comforting to know that they’re going to be here down the road because they’re the leading intercom access control company.

Make access simple
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Make access simple at your property

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