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Imagine a world where you can effortlessly manage and communicate with visitors and tenants, regardless of where you are. With a 2-way video intercom system, that’s all possible.

In this post, we outline what a 2-way video intercom system is and the added layer of security it provides. Plus, we give you insight into the best 2-way intercom on the market.

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What is a 2-way video intercom system?

A two-way video intercom system is a device that allows visitors and tenants to communicate back and forth via audio and video. Those inside the building can allow the person on the other side to see them. Conversely, they can opt for one-way video communication by using audio only.

A 2-way intercom is useful as an access control system as it eliminates the need for security personnel to monitor entrances. Furthermore, some smart video intercom systems empower tenants to grant entry to visitors from anywhere via their smartphones.


How much is a 2-way video intercom system?

The average cost of a wireless two-way video intercom system ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000.

However, other cost factors to consider include:

  • Installation fees
  • Type of video intercom system
  • Brand or company
  • Software and management program
  • Maintenance costs

You’ll also need to factor in the dealer and installer you buy from. They’ll ultimately set the price. Then, you can negotiate or settle on purchasing and installation costs through them.


2-way video intercom system


Benefits of 2-way video intercom systems

A 2-way intercom system with video offers convenience and security. But what are the other benefits?

Benefits of a 2-way video intercom include:

  1. Remote visitor management
  2. Access control security
  3. Convenience


1. Remote visitor management

With a 2-way video door entry system, building managers can easily:

  • Grant access to visitors
  • Monitor building entry activity
  • Access audit logs from anywhere

What’s more, they can even grant, revoke, or change access privileges through the property management portal.


2. Access control security

With smart intercoms, it’s easy to manage who has access with credentials such as biometric identification, PINs, and apps. Likewise, tenants will feel safer knowing their building is secure from unauthorized guests.

Managing a property with so many moving parts can leave some people feeling vulnerable without adequate access and security. As the property manager or owner, you can ease their minds by being proactive and investing in a 2-way video intercom system.


Learn more about video intercoms and how ButterflyMX works:


3. Convenience

A phone video intercom enhances convenience by eliminating keys, fobs, and cards. In addition to an optional physical keycard or fob, you can easily access a smart video intercom entrance with a touchscreen interface.

Firstly, a touchless intercom system with video reduces the need for keys for self-guided tours or maintenance calls.

Secondly, managers and staff will have fewer instances of lost keys, thus reducing the need for rekeying or re-issuing keys to tenants.


Best 2-way video intercoms

The best 2-way video intercoms on the market are:

  1. ButterflyMX. The ButterflyMX video intercom has a touchscreen interface, mobile app, and remote access control capabilities. It’s also a wireless system, so installation is quick, and the intercom is easy to retrofit in existing buildings.
  2. Aiphone. Since 1970, Aiphone has been providing communication and entry solutions for buildings. To meet modern demand, Aiphone has released multiple video intercom models. However, Aiphone video intercoms only provide two-way audio calling, not two-way video calling.
  3. Openpath. Relatively new to the video intercom game, Openpath was founded in 2016. It’s best known for commercial and office access control systems. While the Openpath video intercom allows for two-way audio calls, it doesn’t allow for two-way video. As a result, tenants can see visitors, but visitors can’t see tenants.


What is the best video door intercom system?

ButterflyMX is the best 2-way video intercom system because it’s an industry-leading system that is versatile, sleek, and cost-effective.

ButterflyMX’s system is installed in over 10,000 buildings and touts over 20,000 five-star ratings. It’s truly designed with people in mind, making for a user-friendly experience.

The best features of the ButterflyMX two-way video intercom include:

  • User-friendly mobile app that tenants and staff can use to video chat with visitors and grant access remotely.
  • Integration capabilities with smart locks to create a unified access experience from the front entrance to every apartment unit door.
  • Cloud-based property manager dashboard to easily edit access permissions remotely.
  • Tenant directory that visitors can use to call tenants to video chat and request access.
  • Time- and date-stamped photos are stored in the cloud for management to review anytime.

However, this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything ButterflyMX has to offer.


More ButterflyMX access control products

ButterflyMX’s video intercom system is one of the company’s most popular products. But it’s not the only solution that can improve access to your property. In fact, many of ButterflyMX’s products work in tandem to create an even better experience.

More access control products include:

  • Keypads and card readers. Tenants, managers, and staff can use the ButterflyMX smartphone app to access building entrances and amenities. ButterflyMX keypads also make it easy for visitors to use temporary PINs issued directly to their phones.
  • Smart locks. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, smart locks might suit you. ButterflyMX makes it easy to integrate with WiFi smart locks and includes benefits such as smartphone access and virtual keys.
  • Vehicle access system. If you have a gated vehicle entrance at your property, you’ll want to invest in ButterflyMX’s vehicle reader and windshield tag system. All you have to do is install the vehicle reader at the entrance and hand out windshield stickers to each tenant. Then, tenants enjoy hands-free property access.



  • 2-way video intercoms are devices that allow visitors, tenants, and property managers to communicate via video call.
  • With a 2-way video intercom system, visitors can initiate two-way video calls to staff and tenants.
  • Video intercoms benefit managers and owners by helping them monitor access remotely, securing the building, and enhancing convenience.
  • The best 2-way video intercom is ButterflyMX.


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