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Key takeaways

  • Access control integration is when you connect smart devices on your property so that they begin to work together.
  • Common examples of integrations include visitor management, access control, and video surveillance integrations.
  • To integrate access control devices, you should hire an integrator who can handle the programming and technological specifics of connecting different devices.
  • The benefits of access control integration include increased security, decreased workload, and the ability to add more hardware to your property easily.


More and more property managers are turning to smart technology to make managing their buildings easier — technology like smart lights, locks, and intercoms. How can you unlock the potential of all your devices by making them all work together? The answer lies in access control integration.

In this post, we explain what access control integrations are and how they work. Then, we explain the benefits of using access integrations on your property.

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What is access control integration?

Access control integration is the act of making the different smart systems that run your building work together.

Smart technology comes with benefits like remote operation using an app on your smartphone and automated decision-making. But the tech powering your smart devices use might come from different manufacturers. This means that lots of smart tech might require separate software platforms to use.

Some smart technology that benefits from access control integration includes:

  • Speakers
  • HVAC systems
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Property management systems
  • Keypads

Here’s a straightforward example of the way integration can help a property.


What is integrated access control?

Imagine a property with smart locks securing its lobby, exterior doors, and amenity spaces—but all three doors are secured by locks from different providers.

Before integration, a manager would have to update these locks separately in order to add or remove a resident. But with access integration, a manager can save time by using a single software platform to update all three locks.

You can also integrate two different pieces of technology to provide unexpected benefits to residents. For example, you can integrate a smart lighting system into a smart lock to automatically turn the lights on when the resident opens the door.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


How does access integration work?

Access control integrations work by combining different software management platforms into one.

To fully integrate two separate products, you need to take into account differences in programming and how different devices store their data. While it takes some technological expertise, don’t worry — you can simply hire an access control integrator to ensure that devices on your property work together smoothly.


What is an access control interface?

An access control interface is a dashboard you can use to control several integrated devices.

After the integrator is done with their work, they’ll present you with an access control interface that simplifies smart device management on your property.


3 benefits of access control integration

If you’re interested in integrated access control systems for your own property, here are some benefits you’ll receive.

Benefits of integrating your access systems include:

  1. Increased security
  2. Not having to manage multiple systems
  3. Ability to add other hardware to your property


Unlocking office smart lock with smartphone


1. Increased security

You can integrate systems like alarms and cameras. By combining CCTV & access control, and other systems that handle different aspects of your building’s security, you can ensure the safety of your building’s occupants.

For example, an access-integrated building can help guarantee resident safety in the event of an evacuation. By integrating access control and fire alarm systems, you can set all of the locks in your building to disengage in an emergency.


2. Not having to manage multiple systems

A non-integrated smart building is harder to manage than an integrated smart building. Let’s say you have a resident moving into your building but have no integrations. You would have to individually add that resident to every lock on the property, taking up valuable time in your day.

When administration is streamlined, it also comes with security benefits. You reduce the chances that a resident is accidentally left in one directory. By streamlining the number of details you have to manage, you ensure they can’t come back and enter the building illegally using an old PIN.

Similarly, you ensure that one-time visitors and delivery couriers can only gain access to your building when they’re supposed to. Visitor management system access control often makes use of integrated systems to update every lock on the property at once.


3. Ability to add other hardware to your property

When your property is already set up for integrations, you can easily add other smart technologies and hardware to your existing system.

That makes you more prepared for the future, whatever it may hold. For example, say you’re unveiling new areas of your property for resident use, like an amenity space or your rooftop. You can easily secure these spaces and manage access with smart lock and security camera integrations. These new additions will seamlessly join your existing access control interface and make for a more pleasant resident experience.


ButterflyMX integrations

ButterflyMX integrates with many smart locks, property management systems, security, and resident experience companies.

While integrating with other systems is a great way to give your residents more benefits, the best way to take advantage of these integrations is to start with a convenient, easy-to-use access control system solution like ButterflyMX.

Benefits of ButterflyMX access control integrations include:

  • Versatile hardware options. With our suite of intercoms, keypads, vehicle access systems, and more, we can manage access for properties of all shapes and sizes. Plus, it integrates with over 80 smart lock makes and models.
  • Cloud-based administration. Use our powerful cloud-based dashboard to make changes and edit permissions from any device. Or integrate with popular property management software platforms like Yardi and Entrata.
  • Delivery Key functionality. Our unique Delivery Key feature allows residents to text QR codes and PIN numbers to delivery couriers, allowing couriers one-time access while ensuring that couriers can’t access other parts of the building.
  • Holistic access control. By integrating ButterflyMX with other access control products, you can provide property-wide access control that can be managed from one highly-rated app.


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