Installing a smart apartment security camera.


Key takeaways

  • The most common types of apartment security cameras are wireless, IP, PTZ, and thermal cameras.
  • The best features to look for in a security company are professional installation, integrations, scalability, access control, and positive reviews.
  • Benefits of apartment security cameras are increased security, tenant retention, and improved remote monitoring.
  • The best apartment security cameras are Arlo, Google Nest, Remo+ Door Cam 2, SimpliSafe, Swann Security 1080P Enforcer Kit, Ubiquiti UniFi, and OpenEye.


Choosing the right apartment security system is one of the most important decisions a property manager can make. Simultaneously, choosing a great apartment security camera helps ensure the safety of your residents and plays an important role in securing your property’s assets.

Read on to learn about the different types of apartment security cameras and what to consider when choosing an apartment security company. Next, explore the benefits of installing an apartment security camera at your building. Finally, discover the seven best apartment security cameras on the market.

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Types of apartment security cameras

An apartment security camera captures all activity and allows you to easily access video feeds of your property to provide real-time apartment video monitoring. Additionally, the best apartment security cameras offer cloud-based video storage so you can readily access older footage.

But what kind of cameras are the best for apartments?

Here are the most common types of apartment video cameras:

  • Wireless cameras. Because wireless cameras don’t require extensive wiring, they’re easy to install in just about any location at your multifamily building.
  • IP cameras. An IP camera transmits data using the Internet Protocol. As a result, IP cameras provide high-resolution videos that can be accessed remotely.
  • PTZ cameras. PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras offer flexibility for apartment monitoring because they allow you to remotely control the movement of the camera. As a result, these cameras allow you to capture every detail.
  • Thermal cameras. Thermal cameras capture images using heat detection technology. So, thermal cameras are ideal for low-light environments.


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What to consider when choosing an apartment security company

Wondering which features to consider for your apartment building security system?

Here are some qualities to look for in a security company:

  • Professional installation and maintenance. Choose a security company that offers professional installation. Additionally, make sure your company of choice offers routine maintenance and troubleshooting services.
  • Scalability. Select a security solution that will grow with your business and can be easily expanded to your other properties.
  • Access control. While security cameras allow you to monitor entry events through real-time apartment video monitoring, they cannot adjust, manage, and control access to your property. So, opt for a security company that offers access control to ensure safe entry to your building.
  • Positive reviews. The security company you choose should have positive customer reviews and testimonials. Further, consider asking your network of industry professionals which security companies they use to guarantee you’re choosing an industry-approved provider.
  • Integrations with other technology. Security companies that integrate with your existing property management software help streamline building operations. So, choose a security company that offers integrations with your alarm, access control, and automation systems.


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Benefits of apartment security cameras

Video security systems offer peace of mind by empowering you to stay abreast of what’s happening at your property.

Here are a few benefits of installing security cameras at your multifamily building:

  • Increased security. Apartment security cameras allow you to monitor and review all suspicious activity at your property with video footage. So, you can stay aware of all the activity at your building.
  • Tenant retention. Security cameras help boost resident retention by making tenants feel safer at your building. As a result, your residents will have peace of mind at your property.
  • Improved property monitoring. Surveillance systems with 24/7 monitoring ensure that you always stay in the know about who’s frequenting your building. What’s more, they allow you to easily view live video feeds remotely.


7 best apartment security cameras

Are you interested in buying a security camera for your apartment but unsure of the best options?

Here are our picks of the seven best apartment security cameras:

  1. Arlo Pro 5S 2K
  2. Google Nest
  3. Remo+ Door Cam 2
  4. SimpliSafe
  5. Swann Security 1080P Enforcer Kit
  6. Ubiquiti UniFi security camera
  7. OpenEye


1. Arlo Pro 5S 2K

Google rating: 4.5/5

Offering a seamless set-up with state-of-the-art weatherproof construction, Arlo is one of the best wireless security cameras for apartments.

  • Wireless set-up. The Arlo wireless set-up provides an easy DIY installation that can be up and running in minutes.
  • Night vision. Arlo’s night vision capabilities produce clear images — even in low-light conditions.
  • HDR 2K video. Offers high-definition resolution that provides picture-perfect clarity so you never miss a single detail.
  • Rechargeable. The rechargeable batteries are designed to optimize battery life with the low-power mode.

Price starts at $249.99


2. Google Nest

Google rating: 4/5

The Google Nest camera is a trusted security camera that offers flexibility and function. As a result, it’s one of the best security cameras for an apartment.

  • Floodlight. The bright floodlight helps deter trespassers and provides you with bright visuals of the intruder.
  • 180-degree motion detection. Motion detection sensors capture all activity with two LED lights and 180-degree motion detection.
  • Mobile app. Google Nest cameras pair with a mobile app that sends real-time alerts when the sensors are triggered.
  • Green LED light. The green LED light lets trespassers know that they’re being recorded, which deters them from attempting to access your building.

Price starts at $179.99


3. Remo+ Door Cam 2

Google rating: 4/5

Looking for the best security camera for apartment doors? The Remo+ Door Cam allows you to monitor almost any door entry with a camera that fits snugly over most apartment doors.

  • Easy door installation. It’s easy to hang the camera over any apartment door. It’s also easy to register through the mobile app.
  • 1080P resolution. The 1080P cameras allow you to access and stream HD live videos at your convenience.
  • Night vision. Infrared night vision allows you to monitor your camera’s footage at any time of day or night.
  • Motion sensors. Remo offers advanced motion sensors that notify you when they’re triggered.

Price starts at $219.99


4. SimpliSafe

Google rating: 4/5

SimpliSafe offers advanced security with a simple setup. So, it’s a great apartment outdoor security camera.

  • High-definition video. HD video resolution allows you to view and monitor all activity outside your apartment.
  • Built-in spotlight. Its bright spotlight helps prevent intruders from trying to gain unauthorized entry to your building.
  • Rechargeable battery. The energy-efficient rechargeable battery lasts longer than traditional batteries.
  • Two-way audio. SimpliSafe cameras detect suspicious activity. Further, they warn of any potential intruders with built-in audio features.

Price starts at $189.99


5. Swann Security 1080P Enforcer Kit

Google rating: 4.2/5

The Swann Security Enforcer Kit offers a complete security system designed to address all your monitoring needs.

  • Four 1080P cameras. Never miss any suspicious activity with four state-of-the-art HD cameras.
  • Red and blue flashing lights. The bright strobe lights help prevent unwanted activity at your building.
  • Heat and motion sensors. Easily detect people and cars with optimal reliability.
  • Mobile alerts. Receive real-time alerts of all suspicious activity, paired with easily accessible video footage.

Price starts at $349.99


6. Ubiquiti UniFi security camera

Google rating: 4/5

UniFi, a well-known security system software, offers a comprehensive solution that includes everything from UniFi security cameras to the Ubiquiti USG UniFi Security Gateway.

  • High-definition recording. UniFi cameras typically offer HD/4K video recording, providing clear and detailed footage.
  • Remote access and monitoring. Users can access the camera feed remotely using the UniFi Network Controller software or the UniFi Protect mobile app, enabling monitoring from anywhere.
  • Integrated microphone. Some models come with a built-in microphone, allowing for audio recording along with video.

Price starts at $499.00

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7. OpenEye

Google rating: 4.5/5

OpenEye, a cloud-based video security company based in Washington state, offers security cameras that can be paired with other OpenEye software products — including OpenEye recorders and OpenEye web services — to create a robust property security ecosystem.

  • High-definition camera footage. Camera footage can also be remotely accessed.
  • Outdoor cameras. These cameras have day and night functionality, making them operable in different lighting conditions.
  • Multiple lens options. Sizes 2.7-13.5mm of varifocal, autofocus, and zoom lenses are available.

Price starts at $200.00

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