If you live or work in a ButterflyMX building, it’s important to download the mobile app on iOS or Android in order to start taking advantage of all of the features ButterflyMX has to offer. When you first you open the mobile app, you are prompted to choose a password. The password that you initially choose, however, can be changed at any time. To change your password, you can do so within the mobile app.

Note: you can only change your password if you remember your current password. If you forget your password and need to create a new one, you will have to select ‘forgot password’ when signing in to reset your password. 


How to Change Your ButterflyMX Password

  1. Open the ButterflyMX app
  2. Hit ‘Account’
  3. Select ‘Change Password’
  4. Type in your current password
  5. Type in the new password you would like to use
  6. Hit ‘Change’

Step 1: Open the app

Open up the ButterflyMX app.


Change your ButterflyMX password mobile app


Step 2: Hit ‘Account’

Hit ‘Account’.


Change your ButterflyMX password account


Step 3: Select ‘Change Password’

Select ‘ Change Password’.


Change your ButterflyMX password


Step 4: Type in your current password

First, you must type in your current password.


Type new password


Step 5: Type in the new password you would like to use

Then, type in the new password you would like to use, and then retype it.


Change your ButterflyMX password select new password


Step 6: Hit ‘Change’

To save your changes, be sure to hit ‘Change’ in the top righthand corner.


Hit change to change your ButterflyMX password


And that’s it! You’ve successfully changed your ButterflyMX password in the mobile app.

For more tips on using our mobile app, check out our resident resources.


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