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Key takeaways

  • Commercial CCTV installers are essential in recommending the right system, installing it properly, and caring for it after installation.
  • Installers should offer a variety of security camera services, ranging from the first assessment to installation and maintenance.
  • The best commercial security camera brands include Rhombus, Eagle Eye Networks, and Digital Watchdog.
  • Integrate your CCTV system with access control for a holistic approach to security.


CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras are a common type of security camera that businesses use to deter and capture criminal activity. However, for these systems to be effective, you need adequate commercial CCTV installation.

For that reason, we cover why these types of security cameras are worth it and the types of services offered by CCTV installers. In addition, you’ll discover the best commercial camera brands, how to choose the right installer, and why pairing cameras with access control is essential.

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Importance of commercial CCTV installers

The importance of commercial CCTV installers cannot be understated. The expertise of installers goes beyond simply recommending a suitable CCTV system. Rather, they help coordinate a seamless installation experience while ensuring your system meets your property’s unique traits.

For instance, installers can assess the networking and infrastructure needed to support your CCTV system. By doing so, they address potential issues well before the system is installed, preventing issues that may decrease its effectiveness or longevity.

Moreover, installers offer valuable insight into the placement and positioning of cameras. Their planning provides your property with maximum surveillance coverage, which helps deter threats and capture activity.


Commercial CCTV installation services

Installers offer a variety of commercial CCTV installation services to ensure the best experience at every stage of the project.

CCTV installers offer the following services:


Inspection and evaluation

Before installing any hardware or planning the placement of cameras, your installer will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your property, from entryways and rooms to cabling and architecture. They’ll also discuss your security goals for a commercial CCTV system. That way, the installer can make a knowledgeable decision on the design of your system while meeting the necessary infrastructure requirements for a successful installation.



Next, the installer will recommend the equipment needed to meet your goals and protect your property, such as types of cameras, lighting, and recording systems. While you may have an idea of the cameras you want, an installer can give you a better understanding of what’s available.



After you’ve selected the equipment, the installer will develop a plan to install the system. The planning phase will help determine what infrastructure changes need to be made, where cameras will be installed, costs of equipment, and more. You should also receive an estimate at this point, as the installer will have a better idea of the costs associated with your specific project.



A comprehensive security system is more effective, so installers will integrate your CCTV with other security features when possible. For example, you may integrate security cameras with access control to better monitor activity at the property and centralize security features for convenient management.



For some industries, CCTV systems must comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Fortunately, CCTV installers are knowledgeable about these laws, which help your property stay protected and maintain compliance.



System manufacturers train installers on how to diagnose and troubleshoot equipment. In turn, you’ll receive precise service that reduces the need for major repairs and maintains security at your business. So, your system will remain functional and effective long after it’s installed.



As your system ages, your property grows, or requirements change, you’ll need to upgrade. CCTV installers help you in any situation by moving equipment, switching to newer models, or simply adding more features to the system. Regardless of what’s needed, installers are there to help you meet your physical security goals.


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Best commercial security camera brands

There is an endless supply of security camera brands on the market, making it difficult to pick a solution that suits your property. While it’s best to consult a professional, it helps to understand what some of the best options are before committing to a brand.

Here are the best commercial security camera brands:

  1. Rhombus
  2. Eagle Eye Networks
  3. Digital Watchdog
  4. OpenEye
  5. Axis


1. Rhombus

Rhombus has been around since 2016 and has deployed more than 100,000 devices worldwide, ranging from cameras to access control. Its cloud-based platform has been implemented across various industries, such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, and multifamily.

Choose between fisheye, dome, and bullet cameras that include a 10-year warranty. Unlike other CCTV or security cameras, Rhombus doesn’t require NVRs or DVRs. Rather, video footage is stored online and connects via Power over Ethernet (PoE), making installation simple.


2. Eagle Eye Networks

As a global leader in cloud video surveillance systems, Eagle Eye Networks delivers cyber-secure, cloud-based cameras with built-in artificial intelligence. The Eagle Eye Cloud video management system (VMS) allows you to view and manage all of your property’s security cameras in one online dashboard or mobile app.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence lets you better manage your security cameras. For instance, security cameras can focus on license plates for detailed information, or you can view access control entry events more clearly by focusing on specific events.


3. Digital Watchdog

Offering HD resolution and real-time 30 FPS, Digital Watchdog is a global leader in surveillance hardware and management systems. Their suite of CCTV and security cameras offers impressive features that help protect your business, such as specialized coating to prevent water from sitting on the lens or color video in near-total darkness.

Additionally, Digital Watchdog incorporates AI into its surveillance system so that you can customize the way your cameras capture activity. More specifically, you can define the focus of your cameras to focus on people, cars, or actions taken, preventing false alarms and conserving storage space.


4. OpenEye

OpenEye provides businesses with intelligent cloud-based video technology that easily integrates with other building systems like access control. Similar to other commercial CCTV brands on this list, OpenEye offers many different types of cameras: fisheye, turret, multisensor, and dome.

In addition to the extensive cloud-based hardware, OpenEye incorporates AI into products that provide powerful insights into how your business operates, customer behavior, and more.


5. Axis

Axis is a popular high-end security camera company that provides businesses with indoor and outdoor solutions. Their cameras are packed with features and come in numerous varieties to meet specific needs. Axis has strived to make commercial security cameras easy to use and reliable, lasting for many years after installation.

Moreover, Axis incorporates features like pan-tilt-zoom functionality, intelligent analytics, and thermal imaging. The team at Axis even incorporates eco-friendly practices into the development of their products. With all that said, you can expect to pay a premium price for Axis’ products.


How to choose a CCTV installation company?

Finding the right commercial CCTV installation company can be challenging. After all, you deserve the best experience, which is why we’ve outlined the qualities to look for in a CCTV installer.

When searching for a commercial security camera installer, look for the following:

  • Experience. The number of years your installer has been working with CCTV systems will have a significant impact on the quality of your installation. Experienced installers can answer your questions with confidence, plan large-scale installations, and provide knowledgeable insights into CCTV systems.
  • Good ratings. What is the sentiment of the installer you’re considering? Online reviews and references are great ways to gauge the kind of service you’ll receive.
  • Certifications. Ensure your installer is certified to install the brand of security cameras you’ve selected. System manufacturers train and test certified installers to ensure proper installation. Plus, you’ll receive a valid warranty for the hardware when installed by a certified technician.
  • Licensed and insured. Ask your installer for copies of their license and insurance. Many states and cities require security installers to be licensed and carry appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Service offerings. Will the installer handle every aspect of your commercial CCTV installation? The best installers can provide holistic installation services, from the initial assessment to maintenance after the project is complete.


CCTV cameras mounted on light post


Pairing security cameras with access control

We’ve mentioned already that many security camera brands and installers try to integrate with other security features at your property. Therefore, you’re left with a holistic security system that is more effective at protecting your business.

Access control is commonly integrated with security cameras because of:

  • Improved monitoring. Pair access events with video by activating cameras when a person uses their PIN code, key card, or mobile app to gain entry. These synchronized events help you better act on potential security breaches with a detailed audit.
  • Better identification. Access control entry logs aren’t always enough to identify an individual, especially if credentials are compromised. Fortunately, integrated security cameras help further identify individuals accessing the property.
  • Scalability. Integrated security systems are easier to scale because they can accommodate your varying needs with fewer requirements. So, you’ll save time and money when expanding your security features.
  • Centralization. Integrated features simplify your security efforts. You can manage your entire security system from a single location, making it simple and convenient to secure your property.
  • Compliance. Integrated access control and CCTV make it easier to comply with local, state, and federal regulations.


Commercial CCTV installation FAQs


How much does a commercial CCTV system cost?

Commercial CCTV systems typically cost $1,000 to $5,000. However, it could cost you more than $10,000 for a larger system packed with high-end features.


How much is the labor for installing CCTV cameras?

The cost of labor for installing CCTV cameras is approximately $100 to $200 per camera. Of course, costs will vary depending on the installer you choose and the complexity of the system.


How many hours does it take to install CCTV?

It depends on the number of cameras you’re installing, but it can take anywhere from four hours to two days.


How many CCTV cameras are needed?

The number of CCTV cameras needed for your property will depend on the areas and entryways you want to cover. We recommend that you ask your installer for recommendations on the optimal number of security cameras.


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