Can ButterflyMX connect to a fire alarm system?


The ButterflyMX access control system allows your clients to open and manage doors and gates with a smartphone, fob, keycard, or PIN code. All of our access control system (ACS) products connect seamlessly with our video intercoms, elevator controls, and smart locks for a unified property access solution. 

But if ButterflyMX controls access to all doors, what happens in the case of an emergency, like a fire? Read on to learn how ButterflyMX connects to fire alarm systems.

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Can ButterflyMX connect to my fire alarm?

Yes, ButterflyMX can connect to your fire alarm. It does so by connecting your system to the built-in input on the ButterflyMX access control system. When your fire alarm goes off, our access control system will automatically unlock all connected doors and gates to allow first responders to quickly enter and navigate your building.


Benefits of connecting an access control system to a fire alarm system

There’s no doubt that readiness for emergencies is crucial, especially in a multifamily building that houses hundreds of people. When installing your client’s new access control system, connecting the fire alarm panel to the access controller can significantly contribute to preparing the building for such instances. 

Once connected, the access controller can unlock all doors and gates linked to it upon receiving signals from the fire alarm panel, allowing residents, staff, and first responders to enter or exit the building during an emergency.


Connecting ButterflyMX to a fire alarm system

Making your clients’ safety a priority shouldn’t be challenging. But in many cases, door controllers cannot link with a fire alarm. This forces you to purchase third-party equipment to establish the connection, leading to a complicated setup. However, with ButterflyMX, you have a better solution. The ButterflyMX access controller comes with a built-in fire alarm input to simplify the connection process. 


ButterflyMX access controller


When installing the access control system in your client’s building, this input allows for a seamless connection between the controller and the fire alarm — enabling the fire alarm control panel to signal the ButterflyMX controller to unlock all doors and gates connected to it in case of an emergency.


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