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As a property manager, it’s crucial to ensure that the entrances to your property are securely closed. However, instances may arise when residents leave doors propped open for events or guests fail to fully close doors upon exiting. This common occurrence poses potential security risks and can compromise the overall safety of the property.

Read on to learn how to receive notifications when a door is left open.

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Can ButterflyMX alert me when a door is left open?

Yes, ButterflyMX can alert you when a door is left open. 

Further, this can be accomplished by pairing a wired door state sensor with your ButterflyMX 2 door access controller. When paired, you will receive notifications via email or text that a door was left or is being held open.


What is a door state sensor?


Door state sensor


A door state sensor is a hardware device designed to pair with your access control system and detects whether a door is open or closed. Typically, door state sensors have two main parts: a wired magnetic contact and a detachable magnet. 

The magnetic contact is secured to a fixed surface, like a door frame, while the removable magnet is placed on the door itself. The door’s status depends on whether the magnetic field between the contact and magnet remains intact or is broken.


How to pair a door state sensor with ButterflyMX

Follow these steps to add a door state sensor to your property:

  1. Install the hardware
  2. Activate the sensor 
  3. Customize the settings
  4. Test the system


Step 1: Install the hardware


ButterflyMX door controller installed on walll

To begin, work with an installer to install the wired door state sensor hardware and connect it to your ButterflyMX 2-door access controller.


Step 2: Activate the sensor

Next, call ButterflyMX support to activate the sensor. 


Step 3: Customize the settings

Once activated, our support team (or your client success manager) will customize your alerts and notifications. Now, you can decide if you’d like to receive notifications for doors held open or closed. 


Step 4: Test the system

Finally, test the system by opening or closing the door. If the system is working properly, you will receive a notification, and an activity notification will be added to your door release log. 


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