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If you’re a property manager, it’s common for your building’s entrances to see a constant stream of visitors, vendors, and residents throughout the day. However, it’s a challenge to effectively manage and monitor this traffic — all while also ensuring you don’t lose either security or personal connection for guests.

Read on to learn how the ButterflyMX front desk station solves these issues by streamlining access while enhancing the visitor and resident experience at your property.


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What is the ButterflyMX front desk station?

The ButterflyMX front desk station is software that’s installed on your computer, which allows you to manage visitor access and resident communication from anywhere in the world. By installing the front desk station, you can monitor all of your building’s ButterflyMX-controlled access points through a live video feed and interact directly with visitors through your ButterflyMX video intercom(s) — ensuring that guests’ proof of permission to enter is validated.

Other features of the front desk station include:

  • Streamlined visitor access management
  • Ability to listen and talk to visitors at the entrance
  • Power to grant access to guests with the push of a button
  • Engagement with residents through the mobile app or SMS messaging



How to set up the ButterflyMX front desk station


  • A camera-equipped computer
  • USB headset or handset


If you’ve already purchased the front desk station software, follow these steps to set it up:

Note: If you’re looking to purchase the front desk station software, contact our sales team or call us at 800.398.4416, ext 1.



Step 1. Reach out to ButterflyMX support

Call ButterflyMX support at 800.398.4416, ext 2. Our support team will send you a link to download the installation file and an activation code, then walk you through the setup of the front desk station.



Step 2: Customize your screen


Rearrange live video feeds


Once the software is installed and activated, you pick which ButterflyMX video intercom(s) you want to be included on your screen. Then, you can arrange what order the video feeds show up on the homepage by selecting which ButterflyMX video intercom(s) you want to view.



Step 3: Add quick buttons


How to set up quick buttons


Finally, our support team will assist you in adding quick buttons to your home screen. Once added, this will allow you to efficiently unlock doors, and get in touch with regular contacts like the leasing office or maintenance.


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