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Key takeaways

  • A guest check-in system is a type of management system that helps commercial property managers keep track of visitors requesting access to a building.
  • The three types of check-in systems are visitor management systems, access control systems, and sign-in books.
  • The best guest check-in system is ButterflyMX.


In the landscape of commercial real estate visitor management, ensuring smooth and secure guest management is important. Whether it’s a busy office or a mixed-use building, we know that property managers and owners are seeking efficient solutions to manage guest access while enhancing overall security measures.

With that in mind, this guide will help you understand what a guest check-in system is and what types there are. Then, we tell you about the best guest check-in system on the market.

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What is a guest check-in system?

A guest check-in system is a type of visitor management system that helps property managers keep track of guests requesting access to a building.

Types of properties that benefit from a guest check-in system are:

  • Apartments. Visitor check-ins are very useful at apartment complexes because they help property staff keep track of non-residential guests who might be moving around the property.
  • Gated communities. Some gated communities utilize guest check-ins for amenity use, such as pools, tennis courts, and basketball courts.
  • Daycares. Daycares and childcare facilities rely on check-in systems to ensure that children in their care are accounted for and released to the right guardian.
  • Hospitals. Many hospitals and medical buildings need guest check-in systems for incoming patient visitors. What’s more, check-in and check-out systems at medical centers often help staff keep track of who is waiting their turn to see the doctor and those who have already left.
  • Office buildings. Office and corporate buildings can benefit quite a lot from guest check-ins, especially if there is a lot of visitor traffic. A sign-in system will help streamline the process of letting visitors in and out of the building.
  • Senior housing. Senior housing facilities need visitor check-in systems for family and friends who want to spend time with the residents. Moreover, some senior living offices require residents to sign out so they can account for missing tenants.
  • Student housing. Tenants living in student housing often have visitors that come and go. A guest entry system in the lobby can make visitor management easier.
  • Hotels. Perhaps the most well-known guest check-in is a hotel. This type of check-in helps the staff know which rooms are occupied and how many people are staying on the premises.


Types of guest check-in systems

Now that you know what a guest system is and which buildings can benefit from it, let’s take a look at the types of guest check-in systems you can find.

Here are the most popular types of guest check-in systems:

  1. Visitor management system
  2. Access control system
  3. Sign-in book


1. Visitor management system

A visitor management system helps you verify and track the activity of guests at your property. When guests arrive, the visitor system logs each guest’s information, including the purpose of the visit. This way, the property can maintain a safe and secure environment by eliminating possible trespassers. Moreover, in the event of an emergency, the stored information provides a resource for identifying and tracking guests.


2. Access control system

An access control system not only helps keep track of visitors but also empowers tenants to enter and exit with ease.

With modern access control systems, you can enable tenants to grant their guests entry no matter where they are. What’s more, visitors can request access using the directory to call the selected tenant via a mobile app. Additionally, the video intercom allows guests to enter the property using a temporary passcode that can be revoked at any time.


3. Sign-in book

Some properties still use the traditional sign-in method of visitor sign-in books and clipboards. While this is tried and true for some people, it’s not the most streamlined method. For instance, sign-in books and papers can’t be backed up on the cloud even though they’re easily lost or destroyed.


Discover how the ButterflyMX front desk station turns into a guest check-in system:


What is the best guest check-in system?

The best guest check-in system is ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX is a cloud-based access control company that offers an end-to-end solution, from the front door to the elevators and amenity spaces. What’s more, ButterflyMX is installed in more than 10,000 buildings and has over 20,000 five-star reviews.


How ButterflyMX creates the best guest check-in system

Here are the ButterflyMX products that will enhance your guests’ sign-in experience:

  • Video intercom. The ButterflyMX video intercom has a 156° wide-angle camera that gives you full visibility of guests as they arrive and as they exit. What’s more, the camera takes time- and date-stamped photos of every entry event that you can keep on record for up to a year.
  • Front desk station. Visitors can use the front desk station to request access using the video call feature, after which tenants can grant or revoke access from anywhere. Front desk station software can be installed on any desktop and makes a great substitute for a receptionist when a staff member isn’t on-site.
  • Mobile app. The highly-rated ButterflyMX app empowers tenants to use the app to answer calls from visitors at the intercom. Furthermore, tenants can send virtual keys to guests ahead of time which they can use to access the building. Virtual keys can be updated or revoked at any time.
  • Elevator controls. When a visitor is granted access by a tenant or property manager, the elevator can also be unlocked to allow the guest to use it and access the floor they need to be on.


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