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Key takeaways

  • Industrial amenities are useful and comforting features for employees to take advantage of at the facility.
  • Employees have improved mental health, better morale, and higher productivity thanks to amenities.
  • Your business will benefit from amenities by attracting candidates, retaining employees, and increasing productivity.
  • Some industrial amenity examples include games, gyms, on-site food, or improving existing amenities.


Amenities are a familiar aspect of multifamily and commercial spaces, but in recent years, they have crept into industrial facilities. Industrial amenities are designed to benefit both businesses and employees while maintaining the efficiency and productivity facilities are known for.

For that reason, this blog will detail what industrial amenities are and why they’re important for employees and businesses. Additionally, you’ll discover a slew of industrial amenity ideas to consider for your facility, such as an intercom system or fitness center.

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Why are industrial amenities important?

Industrial amenities are a feature of a facility that employees can use or enjoy. For example, an outdoor seating area with lush landscaping is a relaxing environment employees can retreat to during their lunch.

Overall, the goal of amenities is to improve the quality of life for employees when working. As a result, employees are more satisfied and productive. While amenities are most commonly implemented in apartments or office buildings, the pandemic and remote work have revealed how essential amenities are in all types of workspaces — especially industrial plants.

When office workers were asked to return to the office, amenities became essential in retaining employees and keeping them happy. Unfortunately, industrial employees never had the luxury of working from home, causing many to realize what they truly wanted from their workplace.

Now, modern industrial facilities are considering amenities that go beyond clean and safe working conditions.


Benefits of industrial amenities

Regardless of the property, amenities are beneficial for the people who use them and the business. As for industrial facilities, amenities offer a much-needed respite for employees, which in turn benefits the business in the long run.

Let’s take a look at how both employees and businesses benefit from industrial amenities.


Benefits for employees

  • Improved mental health. Industrial plants can impose significant stress on employees, limiting their enjoyment and productivity. Not to mention, a majority of the work performed at facilities is inside, where natural lighting, greenery, and fresh air are absent, furthering stress levels. So, amenity spaces such as green spaces or natural lighting help reduce stress levels by allowing employees to connect with nature, improving their overall mental health.
  • Better morale. Developing amenity spaces for industrial facilities creates spaces for employees to socialize and relax. In turn, staff interactions cultivate a positive work culture that boosts the morale among employees.
  • Higher productivity. Amenities give employees more options to engage with work culture and recharge from daily tasks. Thus, employees will be more productive and active during their shift. In addition, employees may find ways of doing more, opening up advancement opportunities.


Benefits for businesses

  • Higher employee retention rates. You can retain employees by implementing unique industrial amenities that benefit the health and well-being of employees. As the comfort, culture, and productivity of your facility improve, employees are more likely to stay because the work is more satisfying.
  • Greater workplace appeal. While industrial amenities are important and slowly increasing in popularity, they aren’t widespread. So, when advertising job positions, showcase the amenities that make your facility stand out from the competitive job market. You’ll attract more candidates than those with little to no offerings.
  • Increased productivity. The right industrial amenities offer comfort and engagement for employees, increasing their productivity. For instance, incorporating a comfortable break room into your facility lets employees rest and gain back their strength during breaks, improving their focus and performance during work hours.


7 industrial amenity ideas

If you’re looking for some industrial amenity ideas for your facility, consider these:

  1. Intercom system
  2. Gyms
  3. Outdoor break areas
  4. On-site food options
  5. Game areas
  6. Public transportation
  7. Upgraded facilities


1. Intercom system

Most industrial plants require a high level of security because of the nature of work performed there. An industrial intercom system located at the front gate will help maintain your property’s security while also offering comfort to employees.

By using a cloud-based access control system, your employees will find it easy to use by simply swiping on their phone to gain access. Additionally, you’ll increase security by limiting who has access to the property, as visitors must request access from the intercom. Upon being granted access, the intercom takes time- and date-stamped photos of the entry for you to review any time after, increasing security efforts.


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2. Gyms

Appealing to employees’ schedules, such as offering an on-site fitness center, offers a greater quality of life. Many people incorporate their workouts before or after work. So, offering a gym at your industrial facility will help employees maintain their healthy lifestyle without additional costs or commutes.

Not to mention, the inclusion of a gym at your facility entices employees to live a healthier lifestyle. Fitness is proven to reduce stress levels and increase productivity, further benefiting employees and your facility.


3. Outdoor break areas

Nature is known to help reduce stress and help people relax. Unfortunately, industrial facilities rarely incorporate natural elements, such as a garden, walking paths, or outdoor seating.

For that reason, adding outdoor areas for employees to enjoy during their breaks helps them stay motivated through the long day. After all, industrial plants can have a serious impact on mental health. Outdoor break areas help reduce stress by offering fresh air, a drastic shift in scenery, and a place to connect with nature, which all humans crave.


4. On-site food options

Try incorporating a food court or food trucks into your industrial park, boosting the appeal of your business. In addition, you’ll add convenience to employees’ lunch times and improve morale. In turn, the overall culture of the business is enriched.


5. Game areas

Injecting fun into your workplace is never harmful, as it’s known to cultivate a positive culture while providing an environment to blow off steam. That way, employees are less likely to leave you for other jobs.

Some games you could incorporate into your industrial facility include:

  • Ping pong
  • Billiards
  • Basketball
  • Arcade games
  • Cornhole


6. Public transportation

Location is everything when it comes to building and running a business. Moreover, younger generations are finding it less important to purchase vehicles or obtain their license. As a result, your industrial plant should be located on a public transit route or near it.

By building your facility near this amenity, you’ll attract more candidates and retain employees who rely on public transportation. More importantly, employees will be less stressed because they won’t have to rely solely on their vehicles to get to work.


7. Upgraded facilities

Finally, consider improving your existing facilities, such as break rooms, locker rooms, and bathrooms. In many cases, these areas are outdated or provide little to no comfort. Upgrading these facilities is relatively easy and inexpensive, showing just how simple it is to appeal to your employees’ comfort and happiness.


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