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ButterflyMX makes property access simple for everyone, and our growing list of integrations helps us achieve this. By partnering with some of the largest names in real estate, we simplify access through products and services you already use. Today, we’re spotlighting the cloud-based access control solution SALTO KS.

Read on to learn more about SALTO KS and our integration with them.

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Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Year founded: 2012

What they do: Providing ‘Keys as a Service’

SALTO KS — which stands for SALTO Keys as a Service — lets you open doors from anywhere in the world at any time. Its mobile app and online dashboard enable building owners and operators to easily manage property access for tenants, building staff, and visitors without requiring additional software or hardware. SALTO KS opens roughly 6 million doors a week and serves over 99 countries.


SALTO’s electronic locks

SALTO Systems’ electronic locks allow you to unlock doors securely, including using your smartphone, which makes access faster and easier. Plus, SALTO’s electronic locks are designed to fit any door, ensuring security isn’t compromised by easier installation. 

Additionally, visitor access is simplified with SALTO KS’s digital keys. Within the mobile app, you can share digital keys with your guests, allowing visitor access without a physical key.


Watch how ButterflyMX works with SALTO KS:


Integration with ButterflyMX

SALTO KS and ButterflyMX each enable property access from a smartphone, and using them together means residents can say goodbye to physical keys for good.


Benefits of the integration include:

  • Manage smart lock and building access from the ButterflyMX app
  • Eliminate the need for physical keys


With this integration, residents can access their building, their unit, and any other authorized SALTO KS-compatible locks from the home screen of the ButterflyMX mobile app.


Hear from the SALTO KS team


Introduce yourself: who are you, and what is your role?

I’m Alexander Rosdorff and I am the SALTO Global Technology Partner & Integrations Lead, responsible for all technology partnerships within SALTO Systems, including for the cloud-based software SALTO KS, and therefore the awesome integration with ButterflyMX


What is SALTO KS?

SALTO Keys as a Service is a cloud-based access control solution that can be integrated with any type of (building) management tool, like ButterflyMX, which makes it a very interesting and flexible product. SALTO KS lets you open doors from anywhere, at any time. The mobile app and online dashboard enable building owners and operators to easily manage property access for tenants, building staff, and visitors without requiring additional software or installing hardware. The product is ever-evolving and can be bent to the needs of any industry.


What are the biggest challenges you aim to solve for rental housing owners and managers?

Housing owners and managers are struggling with security, and therefore see their resident retention decreasing. Especially in buildings without a front desk, the demand for a smart intercom is high since it makes it easy for delivery people to get into the building and just drop the package; and package theft, which is now a big problem is averted. Additionally, there is more demand for flexibility and individuality. Residents want to manage their access themselves.


How do you solve those challenges?

With the help of the property management dashboard, Property managers can review entry logs, issue or restrict access, and connect to other cloud-based systems. With the audit trail functionality where building managers can see who got in and out of the building with a picture and a timestamp. As you can imagine the possibilities of this integration are endless.


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