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Key takeaways

  • A keyless entry system for daycares is a way for you to manage building access without having to hand out cumbersome brass keys.
  • Types of daycare door lock systems you can choose from include keypads, app-based access, intercoms, and key cards and fobs.
  • Benefits of keyless access include more sanitary access protocols, easier access for parents, and integrations with other security systems.
  • The best keyless entry system for daycares is ButterflyMX.


As daycare managers and employees, you already have your hands full looking after all of your children. The right keyless access control system, such as a daycare intercom, can lighten your workload while increasing security — but which one should you choose?

In this post, we explain what a keyless entry system for daycares is and how they work. Then, we go over their benefits and help you choose the best system for your daycare.

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What is a keyless entry system for daycares?

A keyless entry system for daycares allows you to manage access to your daycare without having to hand out physical keys. Keyless entry options include PIN codes and keypads, access through a smartphone app, an intercom system, and more.

Compared to old-school keys, a keyless entry system comes with benefits that simplifies life for staff and parents alike. And there are a few types of keyless entry systems that you can choose from.

Some keyless daycare center door security systems include:

  • Keypads. Entrants enter a PIN code into a keypad to unlock a keypad.
  • Smartphone apps. With an app parents or staff can use on their smartphones, opening any door can be as simple as one swipe.
  • Intercoms. Today’s next-generation intercoms can take QR or PIN codes as credentials. Or, you can use them more traditionally as a buzz-in system for doors. Intercoms enable two-way communication between a parent at the door and a staff member, like a receptionist, at the other end.
  • Key cards and fobs. Powered by Bluetooth or RFID technology, a wireless key card can unlock a door from feet away.


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The best keyless entry system for daycares

Daycares across the country agree — the best keyless entry system for daycares is ButterflyMX.

With our ecosystem of video intercoms, keypads, vehicle controls, and more, we can provide access and security hardware for daycares of all shapes and sizes.

ButterflyMX’s benefits include:

  • Multiple ways to open the door. Choose the method of entry that best fits your property’s unique needs which empowers your staff to better secure the property with ease.
  • Purpose-built delivery solutions. Send Delivery Passes to couriers to allow them to use QR and PIN codes to open the door. This way, yYou can cut down on the amount of time staff members spend on package management while simplifying the delivery process.
  • Powerful front desk station software. Speak with visitors, view a live video feed, and unlock the door with any computer. This enables quick communication and collaboration from anywhere.
  • Cloud-based administration. Easily add and remove parents and make other changes using any device, whether you’re on- or off-site. Moreover, this cloud-based system keeps data on entry events such as time-and-date stamped photos for up to a year.
  • Integrations. We integrate with dozens of major smart lockslock, property management software, and daycare camera system providers. Add ButterflyMX to a building with existing smart hardware, or add a preferred lock to your ButterflyMX system.


Benefits of keyless entry system for daycares

Here’s how a keyless entry system can set you apart from your competitors:

  1. More sanitary access protocols
  2. Easier access for parents
  3. Integrations with other security measures


1. More sanitary access protocols

We’re sure we don’t have to mention how big a risk sickness is to daycare staff and children alike. Whether you’re talking about seasonal colds, cases of flu, or other types of contagious diseases, staff, children, and parents are constantly at risk.

Parents will appreciate anything you can do to reduce the number of risks and vectors of infection. If you eliminate keys from your daycare, that’s one less thing that you have to worry about keeping clean — in addition to the other benefits that keyless access provides.


2. Easier access for parents

Many daycares have “open door” policies. That means that parents can come in and check on their children at any time.

And an open door policy isn’t just a convenience for parents. In many states, you’re legally required to grant access to parents at all times — as stated, for example, in California’s Title 22.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


3. Integrations with other security measures

While daycares require an extra level of care for their children, you also have to manage the day-to-day security concerns that come with taking care of any property.

You might have a parking lot, daycare gate, or storage areas that require higher levels of security. You might also have other security measures, like motion sensors and alarms, to help guard against unauthorized intrusions and break-ins.

The best keyless access systems integrate with your other security hardware. This way, you can manage every aspect of your daycare’s security system using one dashboard.


FAQs about keyless entry for daycares

Here are answers to your frequently asked questions about keyless entry for daycare facilities:


How much does a key card system cost?

A key card system can cost up to $3,000 per door you’re interested in securing. This price depends on how new the hardware is, how many features you want, and other factors.


Should daycare doors be locked?

Yes, daycare doors should be locked to ensure the safety of children and staff. But you also need to give parents an easy way to enter the daycare without wasting staff members’ time on such a simple task.

By providing a method of keyless access for parents, you can ensure that you do more than just follow the law. You can increase daycare center door security by keeping an audit trail of every time a parent enters the property. You can also easily add or remove parents from your system as they move their kids into and out of the daycare.


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