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Key takeaways

  • A QR code visitor management system is a type of access control that allows visitors to scan a QR at the front door and request entry.
  • The pros of QR code management systems are that they have no hardware and are easy to use.
  • The cons of QR code access control are a lack of QR knowledge and data reliance.
  • The best alternative to a QR code visitor management system is ButterflyMX.


The more advanced technology gets, the more ways there are to manage entry into your building. Whether it’s using a door buzzer, a video intercom, RFID readers, or even QR code building access systems, there is no shortage of ways to encourage guests to securely visit your building’s tenants.

With that in mind, this post is all about QR code visitor management systems — what they are, how they work, and whether there are alternatives that are better suited to your property’s needs.

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What is a QR code visitor management system?

A QR code visitor management system is a type of access control that makes it easy for visitors to scan a QR at the front door and request entry.

QR code systems, such as the one from Teleportivity, enable guests to snap a picture of the QR and access a website where they enter the unit number of the person they’re visiting. Once the tenant is alerted to a waiting visitor, they can use the two-way video call on their app to view and grant access to their guest.


Can you track visits from a QR code?

One of the downsides to QR codes for visitors is that most systems don’t allow you to track and audit visits from a QR code.

However, the inability to audit visitors poses risks such as lack of accountability, faulty security, and diminished visibility. What’s more, tenants should have a way to keep track of QR code requests for future reference.


Pros and cons of QR code visitor management systems

Before investing in a visitor management system with a QR code, you should have a full picture of the advantages and disadvantages of having one.



  • No hardware. In most cases, a clunky hardware system is not required for a QR-based visitor management system. This makes it the best option for managers or owners who know they need a visitor screening system but don’t have the budget for a large-scale installation.
  • Easy to use. QR code access control is easy to use. For instance, property managers and owners only need to display the generated QR code in a viewable area and let the visitors do the rest. As for the tenant, they only need to inform their guest which unit they should connect to.
  • Can deactivate. Because QR codes are easy to generate, they are also easy to deactivate. This means that if the system no longer works for your property, discontinuing the service is quick and simple.



  • Not universal. QR codes are generally still a relatively new concept. As such, some users may not have had a thorough introduction to Quick Response codes, how to find them, and how to navigate the system as a whole.
  • Too available. Because QR codes for access are out in the open, some tenants may experience unwanted video calls from people below. What’s more, with an openly available QR code such as this, there are more chances of false access requests.
  • Requires internet connection. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the fact that QR-based access control requires reliable data or an internet connection to access the website. This dependence on connection can be frustrating for someone trying to request entry to your building.


qr code visitor management system


What is the best alternative to a QR code visitor management system?

The best alternative to a QR code visitor management system is ButterflyMX.

ButterflyMX’s access control system rivals the QR code access control systems on the market and has a full suite of access products. Our access control platform provides over 10,000 properties with an end-to-end security solution complete with visitor management capabilities.

Here are the ButterflyMX features that outperform QR code access control:


Video intercom

The video intercom is ButterflyMX’s flagship product and has proven itself to be an asset to property managers and owners at thousands of properties. Not only does it bring curb appeal to your building with its wireless design, but it also enhances the user experience.

The ButterflyMX video intercom allows visitors to contact a tenant using the directory, which can be programmed to show only unit numbers instead of names to protect tenants from unwanted visitors. Then, using the mobile app, tenants are empowered to answer the video call and grant or revoke permission to the visitor.


Discover how the ButterflyMX front desk station turns into a guest check-in system:


Virtual keys

While ButterflyMX’s virtual key feature uses QR code technology, its functionality is much more useful and secure.

With virtual keys, tenants can generate a one-time code they can send to their visitors. Upon arrival, visitors can scan the QR-based virtual key at the intercom or input a unique PIN code to gain access to the building.

However, what makes virtual keys different from QR-only systems is that these keys can be issued, changed, extended, or even revoked at any time by property staff and tenants. What’s more, all entry events are audited and logged on the cloud-based system for up to a year.


How do I create a QR code for a visitor?

To create a QR code for a visitor, you’ll need the ButterflyMX smartphone app on your iOS or Android device:

  • Once you have the app open, you press the virtual key button.
  • Then, choose the duration of your virtual key.
  • Name the key.
  • Create an activation period for your key, as well as an expiration.
  • Click the ‘create key’ button.
  • Lastly, input the phone number of the visitor and send the key to them.


Front desk station

If you’re looking for a visitor management system to set up at the reception desk, then the front desk station is a perfect alternative to a video intercom system.

The front desk station software is installed on any internet-connected desktop computer that’s already at your desk or a desktop off-site for remote management. When paired with the ButterflyMX video intercom, staff have a live video feed of the front door, enabling them to greet visitors as they arrive.

When visitors arrive, they can speak with staff at the intercom or go inside to the front desk to speak with a staff member Then, staff can verify the guests’ identity by directly calling the resident the guest is visiting. Afterward, you can easily authenticate visitor authorization and grant them access to the required floor or unit.

What’s more, with the full suite of ButterflyMX products, the front desk station serves as a central point to control access from the front entrance to the elevators and amenity spaces.


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