How to reboot your ButterflyMX intercom system


If there is a power outage or an intermittent issue with your video intercom, you might need to reboot the system. Rebooting your ButterflyMX intercom is quick and easy — follow the instructions below to learn how.

There are two types of reboots:

  • Soft reboot: you restart the system without interrupting the power
  • Hard reboot: you turn the power off and on again


How to soft reboot your ButterflyMX intercom

In order to soft reboot the system, you will need:

  • A straightened metal paper clip or another thin, blunt-tipped instrument


Follow these steps to soft reboot

  1. Locate the reset hole. The reset hole is located to the left of the audio jack (shown below) so be careful not to confuse it with speaker holes.
  2. Carefully insert a metal paper clip or instrument into the hole.
  3. Push it in carefully until it feels like pressing a button. Leave it in for 5 seconds
  4. Remove the metal paper clip or instrument


Rebooting the ButterflyMX intercom

ButterflyMX video intercom reset hole


How to hard reboot your ButterflyMX intercom

There are two ways to do a hard reboot. You can either unplug the intercom at the power source or remove the power source from the intercom itself. Select whichever option is more accessible to you.

How to hard reboot from the power source:

  1. Locate the power source where the video intercom is plugged in – likely nearby in a server or electrical room
  2. Unplug the power cord and wait 5 seconds
  3. Plug it back in

How to hard reboot from the intercom:
In order to reboot the intercom itself, you’ll need the intercom’s security key to remove the intercom from the wall. Once you’ve unlocked the intercom using its security key, follow the instructions below to reboot it.

  1. Remove the IO port cover (black cover on the back of the intercom) by unscrewing it (do not lose the screws)
  2. Locate where the power source is plugged into on the back of the intercom via a barrel connector (shown below)
  3. Unscrew the barrel connector, pull it out, and wait 5 seconds
  4. Carefully plug it back in again. Be sure to properly screw the barrel connector until it’s secure to ensure it remains connected.


Hard reboot the ButterflyMX intercom

ButterflyMX video intercom barrel connector


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