The best spa keyless entry system will help your customers relax.


Key takeaways

  • The best spa keyless entry system is the ButterflyMX video intercom because it features remote entry, video, advanced keyless entry, easy installation, and cloud-based software.
  • Keyless entry systems work by electronically releasing locks when a user enters the correct PIN code or taps a button on their mobile device.
  • The five benefits of a keyless entry system for a spa include improved security, guest and employee satisfaction, remote entry, and cost-saving features.


Managing access to your salon or spa can be a challenge. Not only do you have to worry about security for your staff and clients, but you also have to stand out in a sea of competition. Furthermore, if your access control system isn’t easy to manage, then it could mean losing clients.

However, a spa keyless entry system is a helpful solution to your access issues that’s worth checking out.

In this post, we’ll cut to the chase and reveal the best spa keyless entry system to buy. Next. we’ll review what a keyless entry system is and how it works. Finally, we’ll explore five must-have features and benefits of a keyless entry system for your spa.

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What is the best spa keyless entry system to buy?

The ButterflyMX video intercom is the best spa keyless entry system for your commercial business. ButterflyMX currently services over 10,000 properties and features over 20,000, 5-star reviews.

The top features of the video intercom are:

  • Keyless entry. The reason that you’re reading this post: the video intercom allows for mobile-based access. This means that you, your clients, and your staff can enter just by tapping a button on the ButterflyMX mobile app.
  • Remote entry. A benefit that we dive into more later in this post is remote entry, which lets you grant clients and staff entry into the building without having to be on the property.
  • Video. This intercom features a 156° wide-angle camera that allows you to see your entire entryway if anyone requests access to your building. The video camera also makes a date-and-time-stamped recording of all entry events.
  • Cloud-based software. The video intercom updates automatically thanks to cloud-based software. Moreover, all of your system’s recordings, data, and settings can be accessed from your mobile device.
  • Front desk station. Front desk station software empowers you to view a live video feed of your property’s intercoms and speak to visitors directly — all in one place. What’s more, you can easily manage visitor access right from your property’s front desk — or from anywhere else in the world.
  • Easy installation. Your spa keyless entry system’s installation is easier than ever thanks to minimal wires and reconstructing of your doorway.


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5 benefits of a keyless entry system for your spa

There are nearly 22,000 spas across the United States, and this number is only expected to grow due to their overwhelming popularity.

The five benefits of a salon and spa keyless entry system are:

  1. Convenient security
  2. Increased guest satisfaction
  3. Remote access
  4. Easier staff access
  5. Cost saving benefits


1. Convenient security

A keyless entry system is just as secure as a keyed entry system. With both systems, only users with the proper access credentials (such as a PIN or mobile device) can enter the property.

Keyless entry systems are often technologically advanced and come with additional features, such as the tracking of entry events and even a camera.

One of the biggest security benefits of a keyless entry system is that keys can’t be lost, stolen, or duplicated. Furthermore, you can change the entry requirements to your property (such as a PIN code) at your leisure.


2. Increased guest satisfaction

An easier and faster entry process leads to happier guests, who want only to relax at your spa and experience all of the special features that you have to offer them. Moreover, most guests are vulnerable at a spa, so knowing that they are safe and secure is a major relief.

Further, many guests are also separated from their belongings during a spa session and will be glad to know that no unauthorized people can enter the building and possibly steal their valuables. This will also protect your organization from liability should something be stolen or damaged during your customer’s stay.


ButterflyMX video intercom providing access at the entrance of a salon suite


3. Remote access

Remote access is a major benefit for your days off and when you are otherwise away from your spa. This is a must-have feature in any spa keyless entry system because you can let residents and staff into the building with just a tap of a button. If you are operating in a part of the building that isn’t near the front door, you also won’t have to rush over to let anyone into the building.


4. Easier staff access

Staff will love having a keyless entry system because it makes their jobs easier. They no longer have to keep track of a cumbersome physical key or key fob system. They also no longer have to worry about locking up entranceways to your spa.


5. Cost saving benefits

Lastly, one of the biggest cost-saving benefits of a keyless entry system for salons and spas is that you won’t have to worry about replacing lost keys. Because of faster and easier entry, you might find that you can schedule clients for your spa more easily. This can lead to your spa seeing more clients on any given day. Furthermore, a spa keyless entry system also saves you money on other security devices thanks to certain bonus features that it might have.


Keyless spa entry frequently asked questions

Here are answers to questions people also asked about keyless spa and salon entry:


How does a spa keyless entry system work?

A spa keyless entry system works by electronically locking a door. Users can either use a unique PIN code on a keypad or tap a button on a mobile device to gain entry.

A spa keyless entry system features only two components:
The electronic lock. This seals the door in place until the correct credentials are presented or entered.
The console. This is the device that a user interacts with. After presenting their access credentials, an electronic signal is sent to the door lock, releasing the lock.

A spa keyless entry system manual will be able to further explain the device-specific details of how your new access control system works.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


How much does keyless entry cost?

Keyless entry systems generally cost in the range of $1,000-$4,000 per entryway, but this all depends on the unique demands of your property. It’s best to request a quote directly from the provider who you choose to work with.


What is the difference between keyless entry and passive keyless entry?

Passive keyless entry is when you don’t have to enter a PIN code or swipe any physical credentials, such as a key fob in order to enter a building. Passive keyless entry involves carrying a physical device of some sort that the passive keyless entry reader will then scan on your body and allow entry. In short, passive keyless entry lets users walk right through an entranceway without any delay.

The negative of passive keyless entry is that users still have to own and carry a physical device of some sort.


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