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Key takeaways

  • Visitor parking is the designated space reserved for guests at an apartment parking area.
  • Common problems arising from uncoordinated visitor parking are frustrated residents, safety issues, and complaints.
  • The best visitor parking solution for apartments is ButterflyMX.


A common source of frustration for residents is visitors parking in unauthorized areas at their building. Not only is this a massive inconvenience, but it also poses a potential security risk. Fortunately, robust visitor parking solutions help ensure parking spaces are utilized optimally. As a result, they reduce the risk of unauthorized parking and conflicts over spots at your property.

Read on to explore common visitor parking problems at apartments and how to solve them. Then, discover the best visitor parking apartment solution.

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What is visitor parking?

Visitor parking is a reserved parking space specifically designated for guests at a property. These reserved areas may have designated hours or require a visitor parking pass to access them.

Visitor parking spaces are separate from those reserved for residents and are intended to provide convenient access for visitors. With this in mind, assigned visitor parking prevents the likelihood of disrupting parking availability for the residents living there.

To illustrate, visitor parking areas are typically marked with clear signage to distinguish them from resident parking so guests can easily find them.


Common problems with apartment visitor parking

Common problems with apartment visitor parking often stem from limited spaces and unclear regulations. What’s more, overcrowding is also a frequent issue, especially in densely populated apartment complexes. This overcrowding often leads to insufficient parking for residents.

Here are some common issues that arise due to uncoordinated parking:

  • Frustrated residents. Visitors taking up designated parking spots intended for residents is a common source of complaints for residents.
  • Safety issues. Unauthorized visitors parking in your apartment parking facilities or garage can pose a potential safety risk for everyone at your building.
  • Inefficient parking process. When parking isn’t streamlined, it can cause unnecessary confusion for both residents and visitors alike. Additionally, vague or poorly communicated parking rules can result in confusion and visitors unintentionally parking in reserved or prohibited areas.
  • Lack of clear parking guidelines. The lack of enforcing visitor parking rules and regulations at apartments or the absence of uniform tenant guest policies can exacerbate visitor parking issues. As a result, this often leads to unauthorized vehicles occupying visitor parking spaces for extended periods.
  • Lost time and money. Inefficient visitor parking costs you valuable time resolving resident complaints or even vehicle pile-ups. What’s more, it also costs you money that you could potentially make by monetizing your parking garage.


Guest using a parking app to access visitor parking apartment facilities.


Solutions for visitor parking

Modern solutions, like online apartment parking registration or parking mobile apps, can streamline the process of assigning and monitoring visitor parking areas.

Here are some popular solutions to visitor parking at apartments:

  • Vehicle access control. Vehicle access control streamlines parking for everyone at your parking facility or garage by enabling hands-free access for vehicles. What’s more, vehicle access control minimizes the risk of long wait times, vehicle pile-ups, and tailgating at your property.
  • Visitor parking apartment registration software. Visitor parking software keeps a detailed record of everyone who parks at your property. So, you can easily keep track of visitors.
  • LPR systems. LPR (license plate reader) systems are a type of vehicle access control system that reads authorized license plates to grant access to your property. However, LPR readers can be unreliable and have trouble reading damaged plates. They can also have difficulty reading plates in extreme weather conditions.
  • Online registration systems. Online visitor sign-in systems empower you to pre-authorize visitors before they enter your property. So, guests can complete their visitor parking apartment registration online, and you can keep track of visitors at your property quickly and easily.


The best apartment visitor parking solution

The best apartment visitor parking solution is ButterflyMX. With over 20,000 positive reviews, ButterflyMX offers a holistic visitor parking solution that you can trust. What’s more, we offer an ecosystem of access control technology that’s thoughtfully designed to improve the overall experience for residents and visitors at your property.


How does ButterflyMX make visitor parking simple at apartments?

  • Vehicle access control. Vehicle access control solutions like vehicle readers and windshield tags offer a simple, hands-free way for vehicles to access your property. What’s more, windshield tags automatically degrade after they’re removed from a vehicle. So, you won’t have to worry about residents giving their windshield tags to unauthorized guests.
  • Top-rated mobile app. Our top-rated mobile app makes access simple for vehicles by empowering residents and their guests to open parking gates, doors, or any other access point with their smartphones. What’s more, residents can send guests temporary virtual keys that allow them to access your facility securely without them even needing to be home.
  • Launch two-way video calls. Our video intercom empowers residents to visually verify guests and service providers before granting them access to your property, so you don’t have to sign visitors in manually.
  • Powerful visitor management software. Our modern front desk station empowers your front desk staff to streamline visitor management right at your front desk. As a result, they can automatically check visitors in instead of manually verifying them with a visitor parking apartment registration form.
  • Manage and monitor access from anywhere. ButterflyMX’s cloud-based solutions empower you to manage and monitor access to your parking facilities remotely. What’s more, you can manage, monitor, and restrict access from a single, unified dashboard.


Learn how to manage visitors with ButterflyMX’s front desk station:


Apartment visitor parking FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about visitor parking at apartments:


What is QR parking?

QR parking systems scan authorized QR codes to grant vehicles access to your parking facility. As a result, this unique code empowers vehicles to book reserved spaces at your property.


What is a parking reservation?

A parking reservation is a preauthorized way to reserve a parking space for an authorized vehicle. What’s more, parking reservations often use traffic control devices to facilitate uniform access and reduce the likelihood of vehicle pile-ups.


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