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Key takeaways

  • The best wireless front door lock is ButterflyMX.
  • Advantages of wireless front door locks are that they’re versatile, customizable, easy to install, offer enhanced security features, and enable remote access management.
  • Disadvantages of wireless front door locks are that they often rely on power sources, have higher upfront costs, and may require user training.
  • Alternatives for wireless front door locks are video intercoms, proximity card systems, and hybrid access control systems.


The front door is the first point of contact when a visitor arrives at your property. So, ensuring safe and secure access for tenants and their guests is integral to streamlining entry to your building.

This is where keyless door locks emerge as a reliable solution. But how do you ensure that you’re choosing the best wireless front door locks for your building?

In this guide, we’ll explore the best wireless front door locks on the market. Then, we uncover the pros and cons of wireless front door locks. Finally, discover alternatives for wireless digital locks.

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5 best wireless front door locks

Looking to ditch your keys and upgrade to a convenient wireless front door lock?

Here are our picks for the best wireless front door locks on the market:

  1. ButterflyMX
  2. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Series
  3. Yale Assure Lock 2
  4. SimpliSafe
  5. Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt


1. ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX is more than just a wireless front door lock — it’s a complete access control solution that makes property access simple for multi-tenant buildings, commercial offices, industrial facilities, salon suites, and more

Here’s what sets ButterflyMX apart:

  • Video intercom. Launch two-way calls with visitors and service providers and securely let them in with a mobile app.
  • End-to-end access. Simplify access for any access point throughout your property — starting at the door and continuing through gates, elevators, and more.
  • 156-degree wide-angle camera. View all entry events with crystal-clear clarity and no blindspots with a wide-angle camera.
  • RFID and WiFi door lock options. Open any access point with your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or RFID-enabled keyfob.
  • Top-rated mobile app. Grant access, open doors and gates, and share digital keys with an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Best smart lock integrations. With just a swipe of your smartphone and 80+ smart lock integrations, you can unlock any door.
  • Keypads. Control and manage access to server rooms, shared amenity spaces, break rooms, and more with a keypad door lock.
  • Cloud-based access control. Manage and monitor access from anywhere with a mobile app or web dashboard.


Watch how ButterflyMX works:


2. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Series

Looking to create a smarter entry experience at your front door? The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro smart lock is designed with that exact purpose in mind.

Here’s what the Ultraloq Pro Series offers:

  • Six ways to open. Unlock doors with your fingerprint, Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, key fob, access codes, and more.
  • Fast unlock speed. Unlocks doors in 0.3s when a valid credential is presented.
  • Auto-unlock feature. Enables hands-free, automatic access and automatically locks when the door closes.
  • Easy user management. Modify, add, or delete users at any time.
  • Manage multiple doors and locks. Manage and control all your doors and locks with a smartphone or web portal.
  • Price. Affordable price that starts at $159.99


3. Yale Assure Lock 2

Searching for modern ways to open doors at your property? Convenient access is right at your fingertips with the biometric Yale smart lock.

Yale door locks have flexible features like:

  • Versatile keyed and key-free options. Unlock with a key, fingerprint, smartphone, or access code.
  • Fast recognition speed. Unlocks doors in 0.5 seconds.
  • Compatible with smart home technology. Integrates with smart home devices and voice assistant technology.
  • Three sleek finishes. Available in black, bronze, and nickel finishes.
  • Share and schedule access. Yale locks empower you to easily share access with visitors and service providers.
  • Affordable price. Starts at $279.99

Read the full Yale Assure Lock 2 smart lock review »


4. SimpliSafe

Looking for peace of mind at home? A SimpliSafe smart lock elevates convenience and security for your single-family home.

SimpliSafe offers:

  • Multiple ways to unlock. Unlock your door with a PIN code, key fob, smartphone, or other smart devices.
  • Stylish finishes. The SimpliSafe door lock is available in white or obsidian finishes.
  • Two-way audio. See and hear who’s outside your home for maximum safety.
  • Prevents intruders. Automatically locks for 30 minutes after 5 wrong passcode attempts.
  • Simple to install. Easy to install over any existing deadbolt.
  • Low-cost hardware. The cost of this wireless door lock starts at $119.99.


5. Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

Want a brand-trusted solution for your building? Use a lock you can trust with the Bluetooth-enabled Schlage Sense smart deadbolt lock.

Schlage has versatile offerings like:

  • Simple to program. Easy to program access codes with an app.
  • Durable. Reliable and strong enough to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Generate multiple codes. Program up to 30 codes to share with friends and family.
  • Several styles and finishes. Available in 4 finishes that guarantee a cohesive fit with your existing door.
  • Affordable options. Basic models start at $119.00.


Pros and cons of wireless front door locks

Looking to delve deeper into the pros and cons of commercial wireless door locks?


Advantages of wireless front door locks

  • Easy to install. Wireless remote locks don’t need complex wiring or infrastructure adjustments. So, they’re a hassle-free solution that won’t cause significant disruptions when retrofitting existing structures.
  • Customizable access permissions. Define and customize access levels for different users. So, only authorized individuals gain entry to specific areas.
  • Flexibility. Easily scale up or modify access control systems with new credentials that can be effortlessly added or removed.
  • Advanced security features. Security features like data encryption and tamper alerts ensure a high level of protection against unauthorized access attempts.
  • Remote access management. Manage access remotely by granting or restricting access privileges, monitor entry logs, and receive real-time notifications through a smartphone or computer.


Person opening a door with wireless front door locks.


Disadvantages of electronic door locks include

  • Reliance on power sources. Some smart locks are susceptible to power outages or may require frequent battery replacements.
  • Upfront costs. The cost of purchasing and installing keyless entry door locks is often higher than traditional lock-and-key systems.
  • May require training. Many smart door locks require familiarity with the system’s features, troubleshooting procedures, and security protocols.


Alternatives to wireless front door locks

While automatic door locks are a convenient solution for small buildings and single-family homes, medium to large-scale properties require a more robust access control solution to manage entry into and throughout buildings.

Here are a few alternatives to wireless front door locks:


Video intercom

Video intercoms enable two-way video calling, empowering residents to visually verify a guest’s identity before granting access. So, they’re the safest solution for multi-tenant properties.

Moreover, video intercoms seamlessly integrate with other access control systems to further streamline entry management, package deliveries, and more.

What’s more, video intercoms empower property managers to remotely grant or deny access, track visitor logs with time-stamped photos, and respond promptly to security concerns.

In essence, video intercoms not only fortify the security infrastructure of multi-tenant buildings but also facilitate seamless access while fostering peace of mind for occupants.


RFID proximity card systems

Proximity card systems streamline access control by replacing traditional keys with contactless smart cards, offering occupants secure and hassle-free entry.

With a simple wave or tap of an access card or key fob, tenants gain secure access to and throughout your building.

What’’s more, the versatility of RFID proximity cards allows for easy customization of access levels, enabling property managers to tailor permissions for different occupants based on their roles or responsibilities.

Additionally, these systems facilitate swift card activation or deactivation, providing a quick response to changing tenant access permissions or security concerns. Further, reducing the risk of lost, stolen, or duplicated keys.


Person using a keycard to open wireless front door locks.


Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems combine several technologies to create a comprehensive and inclusive access experience that’s tailored to the needs of your property.

For instance, combining a video intercom with a keypad or vehicle access control system creates a uniquely tailored access experience for your building’s occupants.

What’s more, a hybrid approach provides a flexible and scalable solution that offers tailored benefits to the complex environment and diverse needs of multi-tenant properties.

For instance, tenants who prefer the reliability of key fobs can coexist seamlessly with those who embrace the convenience of modern keyless smartphone systems. So, the adaptability of hybrid systems not only simplifies the transition for occupants but also ensures that security measures can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each tenant or office space.


Wireless front door lock FAQs

Here, we answer the top frequently asked questions about smart door locks:


Are electronic front door locks safe?

Yes. Electric door locks are safe due to advanced encryption and data-protection protocols.


Can I lock my front door remotely?

Yes. With a WiFi-connected smart lock, you can lock and unlock your door remotely using a mobile app or web portal.


How do wireless front door locks work?

Wireless front door locks work by syncing to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi. That way, you can lock and unlock your door with just a swipe on your smartphone.


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