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We have recently rolled out a major update to our elevator control system (ECS), which allows the Butterfly system to assign zones to elevators. This allows for selective control of different elevators within a building. Please note that you can still wire in parallel to control multiple elevators in the same manner— combining parallel wiring with zoned control means that Butterfly can accommodate a wide range of lockout schemes and resident-visitor interactions.


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There are two entrances with Butterfly intercoms, and two separate residential towers, North and South. Each tower has a bank of 3 elevators with 10 floors. We want visitors to access only the correct tower, and they must enter from the corresponding entrance. So, visitors to North Tower must enter at North Entrance and South visitors at South Entrance. However, they should be able to use any of the three elevators in the correct tower.



We will assign zones to the towers; Zone 1 is North and Zone 2 is South. Zone 1 residents will only appear on the directory for the intercom at the North entrance, Zone 2 residents will only appear on the directory for the intercom at the South entrance. Each tower will require two small ECS modules. Each module in each tower will be wired in parallel so that each of the three elevator cabs are unlocked on one request. Each tower has a floor-by-floor lockout.

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