Package room

Let us protect your tenants' packages while alleviating stress on your property management team. Our package room solution leverages our smart intercom to grant managed package room access to delivery people while simultaneously notifying tenants when their goods have been delivered.

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The flow

  1. Carriers get access to your building's package room via a ButterflyMX smart intercom mounted at the package room door. As the carrier enters, ButterflyMX takes a timestamped photo of the delivery person.
  2. Once the package has been delivered, the resident is notified via email, text, or push notification.
  3. The resident enters their code at the package room's door panel to pick up their item. The smart intercom captures a timestamped photo of the resident and a camera inside the package room ensures that they picked up only their package.


The price

  • > 150 units: $100 per month
  • < 150 units: $200 per month