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  • Three types of 24 hour storage access include vehicle readers, keypads and card readers, and video intercoms.
  • The best access control system for self-storage 24 hour access is ButterflyMX.
  • Benefits of the ButterflyMX access control system include end-to-end access, convenience, and security.


If you own or manage a self-storage center, you know that people renting out units often choose to drop off and retrieve their belongings at all hours of the day and night. As such, 24 hour storage access is very important to most self-storage space renters, and it’s your job to provide the best kind of storage access system.

Below, we outline the three best types of access control for your 24 hour self-storage company. Then, we talk about the best access control system and its benefits. Last, we answer some of your top questions about 24 hour storage access.

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3 types of access control for 24 hour self-storage units

You’ll need the right combination of access control components to secure your storage compound in a way that allows for quick and easy access.

Three types of access control that work best for 24 hour self-storage units include:

  1. Vehicle readers
  2. Keypads and card readers
  3. Video intercoms


1. Vehicle readers

Sometimes, people using the gates at self-storage units forget their PINs or fumble with the numbers and must re-enter the code several times. As a result, they become frustrated, and the vehicles behind them start to pile up.

With a vehicle reader, customers can drive up to the gate, where the reader scans a windshield tag and grants them entry. This greatly reduces traffic at the gate and eliminates the need for customers to remember their PIN.


2. Keypads and card readers

For some, keeping a PIN or keycard on their person feels more reliable than a windshield tag. If this is the case, then having a keypad with a card reader at the gate or individual buildings is a great option.

Not only are keypads and key cards secure, but they also make it easy for users to simply tap their card or put in their PIN to access their unit. Moreover, keypads and card readers don’t often require much maintenance and can withstand large temperature ranges.


3. Video intercoms

Video intercoms are perfect solutions for entrance permissions because they make it simple for visitors to request access via a two-way call.

What’s more, with a video intercom, self-storage property managers no longer need to be on the premises to monitor who is coming and going. With a cloud-based video intercom, time-and-date-stamped photos of each entry event are easy to access and stay on file for a year.


What is the best access control system for 24 hour self-storage?

The best access control system for self-storage 24 hour access is ButterflyMX.

With ButterflyMX’s suite of access control products, you can turn your storage space into a 24 hour access self-storage haven for renters.

ButterflyMX access control products include:

  • Video intercom. With this video intercom for 24 hour storage access, you can remotely view a date-and-time-stamped photo audit from the ButterflyMX online dashboard. Thus, you can visually confirm the identity of each visitor to ensure maximum security. Further, the ButterflyMX video intercom is perfect for retrofitting because it doesn’t require in-unit hardware or wiring. This makes installing in operating self-storage spaces easy, only taking an afternoon.
  • Vehicle access control. With the ButterflyMX vehicle access control system, you can streamline gated vehicle access by giving each customer a windshield tag to put on their vehicle. As they drive up to the gate, the tag is scanned, and the vehicle is automatically granted access. This eliminates keypad errors and wait time for following vehicles.
  • Keypads and card readers. ButterflyMX keypads and card/fob readers are perfect for secondary entrances to storage buildings. Customers using keypads simply create their own PIN or use the highly-rated ButterflyMX app to access the locked unit. This creates a secure unit and eliminates the need to hand out keys to every renter.


Discover how to use gated entry access control systems with your smartphone: 


What are the benefits of ButterflyMX access control?

The benefits of ButterflyMX access control include:

  • End-to-end access. When you have the full suite of ButterflyMX products, your property will benefit by having end-to-end self-storage access control. This means that customers can enjoy seamless access from the gate to the building and into their individual units. As such, not many self-storage facilities can boast this level of access to their customers.
  • Convenience. ButterflyMX enhances convenience during the access portion and is also convenient for self-storage managers and owners by increasing remote monitoring. What’s more, ButterflyMX doesn’t require hardwiring to install, making it easy to retrofit any pedestal or wall mount.
  • Increased security. The ButterflyMX video intercom’s 156-degree wide-angle camera makes it easy to monitor and secure storage properties. What’s more, managers can monitor entry activity remotely, ensuring fully developed security.


24 hour storage access FAQs


What is storage access control?

24 hour self-storage access control is the suite of products that secures a self-storage property from unauthorized guests while also making it easier for paying customers to access their belongings at any time.


Is self-storage secure?

Yes, self-storage units are secure when state-of-the-art access control systems protect them.

However, most storage access control consists of the outdated metal keypad box at the front gate and property managers and their customers can benefit from updating their self-storage access control system to something more modern.


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