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Delivering an exceptional experience for residents in a multifamily building starts at the front door. To ensure seamless property access for residents, guests, service providers, and deliveries, invest in a video intercom system for apartment buildings.

We’ve made it easy to weigh your options by reviewing some of the many intercom providers in the industry. Aiphone is known in the access control and intercom space. Read on to learn more about Aiphone intercoms and how they may stand up against the competition.

This Aiphone intercom review covers:


Quick look: Comparing top intercoms

Feature ButterflyMX Aiphone Openpath LiftMaster
HD camera Yes Yes Yes Yes
Native keypad Yes No No Yes
Dedicated delivery access codes Yes No No No
User-friendly tenant directory Yes No No No
QR codes for guest entry Yes No No No
Multiple intercom sizes Yes No No Yes
Smart lock integrations Yes No Yes No
Property management software integrations Yes No No Yes
Two-way video calling Yes No No No


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About Aiphone

Headquartered in Richmond, Washington, Aiphone Corporation has been serving its clients’ security and communications needs since 1970. Aiphone Corporation is the American subsidiary of the international Aiphone Co, LTD, founded in 1948.

Covering a range of vertical markets from healthcare and education to government and design resources, Aiphone offers an array of products tailored to each industry. Aiphone primarily sells intercom systems but also offers other products such as emergency towers and wall boxes.


About Aiphone intercoms

Aiphone’s intercom systems are designed for multi-tenant operators in the retail, commercial, residential, government, and education spaces.

Aiphone’s primary intercom series include:

  • GT Series: A multi-tenant, security-focused intercom with a camera that pairs with in-unit substation devices. The system can be programmed offsite through downloadable software.
  • IXG Series: An IP video intercom that pairs with in-unit tenant stations as well as Aiphone’s app. The intercom hardware has a touchscreen and a built-in HID reader.
  • JO Series: A video intercom that pairs with a mobile app for remote access management — though the JO Series also includes in-unit hardware. The intercom itself doesn’t have a touchscreen.
  • IX Series: A peer-to-peer IP video Intercom with SIP capability. This is a PoE intercom that offers door release capability but may be better suited for commercial and industrial applications than residential ones.
  • JP Series: A video intercom with call partitioning, meaning indoor substations can be programmed to only receive calls from certain base stations.


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  • Mobile application: Tenants can communicate with visitors or allow access on the go through the optional mobile app.
  • Software: Some Aiphone intercoms use downloadable software that can only be accessed from one computer. However, the company also offers cloud-based software for certain models. But Aiphone’s system may only be managed through Windows OS, which could be outdated and less than ideal for Mac users.
  • Touchscreen entrance panel: Some (but not all) of Aiphone’s intercom panels have a touchscreen interface.
  • In-unit hardware: Many Aiphone intercoms pair with in-unit hardware. Wall-mounted, in-unit tenant stations can be used in place of — or in addition to — the mobile app for certain intercom models.
  • Multi-call gateway: Some models’ gateways support up to eight different calls simultaneously.
  • Elevator lift control: You may be able to connect multiple adapters to the console to accommodate properties with multiple elevators.
  • PoE connectivity: Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections may be available.
  • Built-in camera: Aiphone video intercoms have a built-in camera for video calling.
  • Receptionist mode: Aiphone’s receptionist mode is a virtual receptionist that can be used to assist visitors when there is no front desk staff available.


Aiphone intercom pricing

Aiphone intercom pricing ranges from about $700 – $2,400 for intercom hardware alone.

Keep in mind that hardware pricing doesn’t include installation, monthly service fees, or add-ons. For example, Aiphone may charge an extra fee for use of its mobile app. This stands in contrast to other providers like ButterflyMX, whose mobile app is offered without an extra charge.

Although Aiphone doesn’t list pricing on its website, the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs) as advertised by third-party dealers are listed below. Actual pricing may be higher based on dealer incentives, promotions, or other discounts.

  • IXG-DM7-HID Aiphone IP Video Entrance Station: MSRP $2,400
  • IXG-2C7 Aiphone IP Video Tenant Station with 7″ Touchscreen: MSRP $700
  • IXG-MK Aiphone IP Video Guard Station with 7″ Touchscreen: MSRP $1,780
  • IXGW-GW Aiphone IXG Series Mobile App Gateway Adapter: MSRP $1,200

Note: Pricing is for hardware only. Installation, activation, or monthly service fees may be added to any costs listed above. It is always recommended to get a quote.


Pros & cons


  • Customers can configure the system to accommodate their needs
  • IP65 and IK08 rated
  • Touchscreen interface for certain models
  • Cloud-based management for certain models



  • Remote usage with the mobile app may require an additional monthly service fee
  • The system may only offer one entrance screen option. Those seeking larger screens or different orientations might need to integrate with a third-party display provider.
  • There may not be any virtual keys or digital access codes for visitor access.
  • Many of Aiphone’s features may be charged as add-ons at an extra cost instead of being included in the typical monthly service fee.
  • Some Aiphone intercom models may require in-unit hardware and building-wide wiring, which is expensive to purchase and install.
  • Many Aiphone customers may report unhelpful customer service and unreliable hardware.
  • There may be limited integration options with other third-party platforms.


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Comparison of Aiphone intercoms with ButterflyMX video intercoms

Both the ButterflyMX video intercom and Aiphone intercoms can be customized to meet your individual building’s needs. However, ButterflyMX may be a more robust, tech-forward system with features that give it a competitive advantage.

The first benefit is aesthetics. ButterflyMX was described as “arguably the best video intercom on the market” by Safe and Sound Security. Featuring two different panel sizes and several mounting options, ButterflyMX can be easily incorporated into your new or existing building.

Second, ButterflyMX is a mobile-first experience. The smartphone-based intercom doesn’t require installing or maintaining expensive in-unit hardware. It also provides a better resident experience with fully remote, smartphone-based access management.

Finally, ButterflyMX offers virtual keys and delivery PIN codes for streamlined visitor access, as well as integrations with leading property management software.


Watch a live customer review of ButterflyMX:


ButterflyMX vs. Aiphone

If you’re looking for an apartment video intercom system, an Aiphone intercom may be somewhat lacking.

If you choose an Aiphone video intercom, you could be missing out on some critical features, like virtual keys for guest access and a seamless, cloud-based management system. Some Aiphone intercoms empower residents to open the building’s front door with a smartphone, but they may lack certain functions to offer ultimate convenience and security. What’s more,


Feature ButterflyMX Aiphone
Built-in camera Yes Yes
1080p HD camera Yes No
Mobile app & smartphone-based access Yes Yes
Cloud-based access management Yes No
Virtual keys for visitor access Yes No
Multiple entrance screen options Yes No
Amazon delivery codes Yes No
Property management software integrations Yes No
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Elevator controls Yes Yes


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