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We’re proud to announce the launch of our new mobile-based reservation feature. This powerful tool simplifies the amenity booking process for ButterflyMX customers. Amenity reservations allows residents to view, book, and access amenities directly from the ButterflyMX mobile app while also enabling you and your staff to manage amenity access and collect payment for these spaces. Now available for all of ButterflyMX’s 10,000+ customers, this feature makes managing access to your property’s amenities simple.

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What is the amenity reservations feature?

Amenity reservations is a powerful new feature that makes reserving an amenity space at a ButterflyMX-equipped property easier than ever. Residents and tenants can now reserve and access property amenities through the ButterflyMX mobile app. Additionally, you and your property staff can manage amenity access, review amenity usage, and track payments — all within your ButterflyMX account.

This latest feature allows residents to explore your community’s amenities at any time. Further, it enables them to easily check space availability, associated fees, and book an amenity for themselves and their guests. Booking an amenity grants residents and their guests exclusive access to the space via the ButterflyMX app.

Your property staff also benefit from this new feature as it simplifies the task of reviewing and approving reservation requests for amenity spaces. As a result, your administrative workload is reduced, and you’re given valuable insights into amenity usage and activities.


Amenity reservations in the mobile app


Amenity reservation features

Key features of ButterflyMX’s amenity reservations include:


Easy reservations

Within the ButterflyMX mobile app, residents can browse amenity spaces and make reservations from anywhere at any time.


Effortless management

Configure amenity spaces through your online account in just a few clicks. Quickly approve and manage reservation requests at any time or configure the system for auto-approval.


Reserved access

Exclusive- and time-restricted access is granted to residents and their invited guests only, ensuring a private experience within amenity spaces.


Payment tracking

Hide or display payment information, track payments made, and quickly identify reservations with outstanding balances.


How does our new amenity reservations feature work?

Follow these four steps to enable amenity reservations at your property:

  1. Add your amenity spaces to the ButterflyMX system
  2. Residents view and reserve amenities
  3. Approve reservations requests
  4. Residents and guests access the amenity


1. Add your amenity spaces to the ButterflyMX system

Amenity reservations dashboard


To begin, add your building’s amenity spaces and related information to the ButterflyMX system, including photos, policies, and pricing information.


2. Residents view and reserve amenities

Mobile app amenity reservations


Next, residents can view and reserve the available amenities directly through the ButterflyMX mobile app.


3. Approve reservation requests

Once an amenity has been reserved, you can approve reservation requests, track payments, and review how the amenity space is being used. If preferred, you may set up amenities so they do not require approval.


4. Residents and guests access the amenity


Access amenity space


After a reservation is approved, the resident who made the booking can invite their guests by sending them virtual keys or PINs for easy access to the reserved space. On the day of the reservation, the resident automatically receives access permissions directly in their ButterflyMX mobile app. Once the reservation expires, access permissions are automatically removed. At any time, property staff can review, approve, or alter an amenity reservation.


To learn more about our new amenity reservations feature and how it can boost your resident’s satisfaction and improve your property’s operations, call (800) 398-4416 or contact sales.


Simplify amenity reservations at your building

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