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Key takeaways

  • The concierge in an apartment answers tenant and visitor questions, greets guests, directs operations and staff and handles packages for tenants.
  • Pairing the concierge station powered by ButterflyMX with the front desk station is the best way to improve apartment concierge services.
  • Pros of an apartment concierge include extra help, connecting tenants with managers, and helping manage reservations.
  • Cons of apartment concierge services include lack of budget and staffing issues.


As a property manager or owner, you understand that day-to-day multifamily functions rely on maintaining a friendly presence. That’s why many organizations are quick to hire welcome staff, including a doorman alternative and an apartment concierge.

But what does an apartment concierge do? Typically, an apartment concierge ensures that tenants and guests are greeted by someone more knowledgeable about the building and its operational needs.

Below, we describe an apartment concierge, discuss how to improve concierge services at your property, and list the pros and cons of concierge services.

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What is a concierge in an apartment?

The concierge in an apartment answers questions and greets guests, directs operations and staff, and handles packages for tenants. In most cases, concierge services differ from property management duties in that they don’t contain decision-making power.

Apartment concierge employees are also called guest relations managers, which perfectly sums up their important role in multifamily properties.

Additional tasks handled by an apartment concierge include:

  • Greeting residents and answering their questions.
  • Acting as extra security by authenticating guest permissions.
  • Helping tenants make reservations for amenities.
  • Facilitating tenant package delivery and pickup.


How to improve apartment concierge services with proptech

The best way to improve apartment concierge services at your apartment is to pair it with powerful software that can enhance their working experience while also enhancing the tenant experience.

The best software to do this is the front desk station powered by ButterflyMX. The software can be downloaded on your front desk computer, making it an easy addition that will automatically boost your property’s front desk operations.

Here’s how pairing your concierge services with the front desk station can improve building operations:

  • Money savings. One of the biggest benefits of investing in the front desk station is the cost-saving nature of all-inclusive software. For instance, with the front desk station, it’s easy to fill in staffing gaps without having to hire temporary staff or replacements.
  • Visitor management. The ButterflyMX front desk station empowers visitors to sign in without using an outdated pen-and-paper system. It also enables property managers to monitor sign-ins with time- and date-stamped photo audits, which are saved on the cloud-based software.
  • Package delivery. The front desk station software empowers staff and managers to grant delivery personnel access to ButterflyMX-powered doors and gates easily. This greatly reduces the risk of missed deliveries and package theft.
  • Remote monitoring. Property managers and owners can remotely monitor everyone coming and going using the front desk station’s live video feed. Furthermore, tenants can also engage with managers using two-way communication.


ButterflyMX front desk station


Pros of an apartment concierge


Offering extra help

A concierge can help fill in certain responsibilities when needed and help staff when property managers aren’t present. Additionally, they can run errands around the building when staff is short.


Connecting tenants with managers

Guest managers and concierges are perfect representatives for busy property managers. They can also take messages, helping to strengthen relationships between tenants and management.

Furthermore, an apartment concierge can also relay property maintenance requests and keep tenants updated on overall building information.


Helping make reservations

Your building’s concierge can help tenants and guests navigate their schedules by making reservations for amenities and other services within the building. What’s more, they can help facilitate community events and requests.


Cons of an apartment concierge


High costs

If your multifamily budget is tight, a concierge may not be a realistic service to offer your staff and tenants. For instance, a concierge budget would need to include salary and, in some cases, a hiring package.


Considering staffing needs

Lastly, staffing issues — such as employee turnover — can make it difficult to maintain a concierge long-term. If this is the case, it can throw off operations when you aren’t able to keep enough of a presence at the front desk. What’s more, forcing tenants and guests to wait for available staff contributes to lower tenant retention rates.

However, as mentioned above, the front desk station can help mitigate this issue by empowering tenants and guests to communicate remotely.


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Frequently asked questions about apartment concierge

Here are the answering your apartment concierge FAQs:


What is the purpose of a concierge?

The purpose of an apartment concierge is to provide timely knowledge and assistance to tenants and guests. Apartment concierges help bridge the gap between guest services, tenants, and property managers.


What is the difference between a doorman and a concierge?

The primary difference is that an apartment doorman’s main responsibility is to open doors and welcome tenants and visitors.

On the other hand, a concierge’s main objective is to help answer questions for tenants and help monitor visitor management at the front desk.


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