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  • The top eight doorman alternatives are the ButterflyMX front desk station, Package Solution’s HelloPackage, ProxyClick’s Visitor Management System, SwipedOn, Envoy Visitors, Teem by iOFFICE, Greetly, and Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room.
  • A virtual doorman can cost between $500 and $2500, depending on location and scale of use.
  • Lastly, a virtual doorman integrates with your existing access control system to remotely manage visitors, delivery personnel, and tenants.
  • The best alternative to a doorman is the ButterflyMX front desk station.


Remote access is no longer a luxury amenity — it’s a necessity that provides flexibility to tenants and property managers. And, as doormen have waned in popularity, doorman alternatives — such as remote doorman technology — have become highly sought after. Thankfully, there are many robust options that provide the benefits of a traditional doorman without the costs of hiring an additional worker.

Below, we talk about the top eight doorman software alternatives that compete with traditional doormen. Then, you’ll learn exactly what a virtual doorman can do for your property and the approximate cost of front desk software.

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Top 8 doorman alternatives

Formerly, traditional doormen wore many hats at residential and commercial properties, including accepting package deliveries, verifying guest identities, and offering a pristine first impression to visitors. So, whether you’re looking for a simple doorman package delivery solution, a method to provide automated entry, or looking to scale back on your doorman security expenses, these eight doorman alternatives are for you.

The best doorman alternatives include:

  1. ButterflyMX front desk station
  2. Package Solution’s HelloPackage
  3. ProxyClick Visitor Management System
  4. SwipedOn
  5. Envoy Visitors
  6. Teem by iOFFICE
  7. Greetly
  8. Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room


1. ButterflyMX front desk station

The ButterflyMX front desk station is software that’s installed on your computer. Furthermore, it allows managers, owners, and staff to manage visitor access and tenant communication from anywhere in the world.

As such, the front desk station is a superior alternative to a traditional doorman or receptionist because it enables you to monitor all of your building’s ButterflyMX-controlled access points through a live video feed and interact directly with visitors through your ButterflyMX video intercom.

Moreover, the front desk station is great at simulating doorman services virtually. For instance, it can welcome first-time visitors who may not know their way around your property, confirm the identity of guests, service workers, and delivery couriers, and offer a sense of security and luxury to tenants and guests alike.

Other features of the ButterflyMX front desk station include:

  • Streamlined visitor access management
  • Ability to listen and talk to visitors at the entrance
  • Power to grant access to guests with the push of a button
  • Engagement with residents through the mobile app or SMS messaging


ButterflyMX front desk station


2. Package Solution’s HelloPackage

HelloPackage by Package Solutions, Inc. is a package delivery company designed for use in multifamily and commercial buildings.

Features included in HelloPackage include:

  • AI and machine learning technology. HelloPackage features customized hardware — including sensors and machine learning to decrease the mishandling of packages.
  • Touchscreen interface. Next, a touchscreen interface makes it quick and straightforward for delivery drivers to use their unique PIN to log a delivery.
  • Designated shelving. With designated shelving, HelloPackage weighs and tracks packages before alerting tenants to deliveries.


3. ProxyClick visitor management system

Proxyclick, based in Belgium, has a cloud-based visitor management platform that strives to improve security at commercial buildings and offices without compromising visitor privacy.

Features of the ProxyClick visitor management system include:

  • Multiple language settings. Guests can choose from over 30 languages during the check-in process.
  • Prescreening. Visitors can complete a custom questionnaire to ensure compliance with your building’s health and safety guidelines before arrival.
  • Integration capabilities. Lastly, the Proxyclick visitor management platform integrates with many existing systems and software — including access control systems, smart home tools, and more.


4. SwipedOn

For those looking to replace their paper sign-in system or their current apartment doorman system, SwipedOn offers a digital check-in system meant to increase efficiency and convenience.

Features to expect from SwipedOn include:

  • Contactless sign-in. With contactless sign-in, visitors scan a QR code to their smartphone, eliminating the use of a communal device.
  • Visitor screening. Next, you can screen visitors with prepared questions to ensure they are not a security risk to your building.
  • Employee board. SwipedOn monitors employee movement regardless of how many entrances and exits exist in your building.
  • Emergency management. Lastly, with SwipedOn’s all-inclusive movement record, property managers can quickly take roll calls with tablets connected to SwipedOn.


5. Envoy visitor management

The Envoy visitor management software and registration suite is an iPad-based system often found in doctors’ offices and hotels. As such, it’s a flexible system that takes up little space.

Envoy visitor management features include:

  • Visitor screening. Before guests arrive on site, they are screened to ensure they meet the requirements for security.
  • Analytics and reporting. You have access to information such as traffic volume, visitor invites, and more.
  • Registration. Keep track of impending visits and send out reminders of their visit, as well as deliver parking permits.
  • Digital signatures. Guests can easily sign required documents, such as waivers, on the iPad during sign-in.


Discover how the ButterflyMX front desk station works:


6. Teem by iOFFICE

The Teem visitor management platform by iOFFICE helps maintain office security by streamlining, digitizing, and organizing the visitor check-in process.

Teem features that enhance visitor management include:

  • Contact tracing. With Teem’s digitized visitor logs, you ensure timely contact tracing of visitors and staff to account for their whereabouts.
  • Analytics. Teem by iOFFICE’s workplace analytics tool automatically collects lobby data. As such, admins can review the data at any time from a cloud-based dashboard.
  • Integrations. You can easily integrate existing tools with Teem’s software for easy access to the information you need.


7. Greetly

Greetly allows you to automate visitor management with a completely customizable visitor sign-in app. So, it’s great for streamlining reception areas.

Greetly offers useful capabilities like:

  • A white-label app that can be branded to match your company’s look.
  • Automatic badge printing for visitors to wear while on your premises.
  • Real-time notifications of when a visitor arrives via phone, email, or Slack.
  • Pre-registration and cloud-based visitor log that stores guest information for easy access.


8. Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room

The Smart Package Room from Position Imaging is one of the most versatile alternatives to a doorman. Furthermore, it takes all the best parts of an intercom and alarm system and puts them together.

Features of the Smart Package Room include:

  • Unique access PINs for couriers.
  • Real-time updates and messages to tenants regarding deliveries.
  • In-room sensors that direct tenants to the location of their package.


Frequently asked questions about virtual doorman technology

Here are the answers to your FAQs about virtual doorman alternatives and technology:


What is the alternative to a doorman?

The alternative to a doorman is software like a front desk station. Moreover, a front desk software solution will automate your operations while still retaining an atmosphere of person-focused technology.

Front desk station can be paired with access control systems that feature:

  • Video intercoms
  • Remote access software
  • Two-way video communication
  • Visitor management software


How much does a virtual doorman cost?

A virtual doorman can cost between $500 and $2,500, depending on location and scale of use. Further, the cost may increase or decrease depending on additional features and software you’re willing to pay for.


What does a virtual doorman do?

A virtual doorman integrates with your existing access control system to remotely manage visitors, delivery personnel, and tenants. In other words, a virtual doorman can act as an apartment concierge or front desk assistant.

Furthermore, with a virtual doorman, you can monitor who is coming and going, as well as communicate with visitors via two-way video calls. Additionally, a virtual doorman will seamlessly pair with your video intercom to create an ecosystem of remote access convenience.


butterflymx video intercom

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