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  • Building access intelligence is a benefit you get from installing smart hardware, like smart locks and intercoms, on your property.
  • By installing smart locks and intercoms, you can receive benefits like keyless access, increased property security, and more efficient visitor management features — all of which will save you time and improve the resident experience.
  • If you’d like to take advantage of building access intelligence, we recommend that you install a powerful smart access system like ButterflyMX.


To beef up safety and security on your property, you might invest in your building’s access control system. But should you invest in an analog system or a smart system? When making this decision, you must know why building access intelligence matters.

In this post, we explain what building access intelligence is and some of its benefits. Then, we go over the best way for you to use building access intelligence.

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What is building access intelligence?

Building access intelligence is a way for you to use smart access hardware, like smart locks, intercoms, and emergency systems, to efficiently manage access throughout your property.

Before the rise of electronic hardware, which made management and handing out credentials easy, managing building access was a tedious, complicated job. In fact, many property managers had to fumble around with disorganized rings of keys and deal with paper-and-pencil record-keeping systems.

But these days, advances in building access intelligence have upgraded every aspect of access control. Whether you’re talking about key management, security for buildings, or visitor management, building access intelligence has made every aspect of a property manager’s job easier and more efficient, improving the experience for property managers like you.


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4 benefits of building access intelligence

So, we’ve mentioned that taking advantage of business access intelligence makes your job easier as a property manager, but how? Let’s go over four ways you can use building access intelligence to your benefit.

You might use building access intelligence to:

  1. Increase property security
  2. Enable keyless access
  3. Grant access more efficiently
  4. Add visitor management features


1. Increase property security

When all of the cameras, alarms, and locks on your property can exchange data and work together, you can guarantee the safety of your residents. For example, an intelligent building access system can keep a record of all door release events that your staff can review to increase your building’s level of physical security.

As a result, in the case of burglary, you can review footage of every person who entered your building to identify the culprit. This will increase your tenant’s peace of mind, improving tenant satisfaction and retention rates.

Further, an intelligent building access system with an intercom with a camera that records entry events is a natural deterrent to would-be trespassers, who see that they’re being recorded and opt out of attempted entry.


2. Enable keyless access

You can enable keyless options like PIN numbers or smartphone-based access that ensure that your residents don’t have to worry about keeping track of a physical key. This eliminates the possibility that tenants will lose or misplace keys because all they need to gain access to their homes is their phone or a code. Your tenants can rest assured knowing that they’ll never get locked out of their units — and you and your staff can relax knowing you’ll never have to let someone into a locked unit after hours.

Additionally, advanced electronic keypads can generate one-time passcodes for visitors that expire after a period of time, preventing unauthorized access. So, tenants can grant access to cleaning crews, dog walkers, and maintenance personnel even when they’re not home. And because the codes are time-sensitive, there’s no fear that workers will enter the premises outside of their allotted time.


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3. Grant access more efficiently

With the help of building access intelligence, you can ensure that everybody on your property only has access to the areas they need.

Let’s say you have a janitor on your property who has separate access needs from an IT professional. For example, there might be storage closets that only a janitor should be able to get into, while there might be server rooms where only your IT technician should have access.

Now, with the help of wireless credentials, granting staff members the access they need is as simple as a few clicks. Plus, you can increase security by segmenting access when it’s required — you can set a janitor’s access credentials for storage room access while disabling that credential for the server room.

As a result, you know that only authorized individuals have access to secure spaces, and you can save time and money you’d otherwise spend protecting the space with cameras, guards, or other security measures.


4. Add visitor management features

Whether your property is residential or commercial, a common headache for every property manager is visitor management. Luckily, an intelligent visitor management system ensures that your residents can easily receive visitors without risking your property’s security.

Some visitor management system features include:

  • Remotely unlocking doors and gates to empower tenants to manage access from anywhere.
  • Simple, easy-to-use smartphone app that tech-savvy and technologically inexperienced tenants alike can use.
  • One-time delivery passes that residents can text to couriers to get deliveries brought directly to their front door, instead of left outside the building.


How to take advantage of building access intelligence

The best way to use building intelligence is with a robust, integration-friendly access control system like ButterflyMX.

While the benefits of building access intelligence include increased security or more visitor management features, not every access control system is created equal. With ButterflyMX’s system, you receive all of these benefits and more.

Benefits of ButterflyMX’s intelligent access system include:

  • Multiple hardware options. Only you know the unique needs of your property — but luckily, we can support you no matter what your needs are. Mix and match between our card readers, keypads, smart intercoms, and elevator controls.
  • Integrations. Whether you want to add ButterflyMX to your existing smart building or you’re adding tech to a ButterflyMX building, integrations simplify that step no matter what. In fact, we integrate with the most popular smart locks, security systems, property management systems, and more.
  • Cloud-based administration. With our cloud-based dashboard, you can make changes and edit resident permissions from any smartphone or laptop— whether you’re on- or offsite.


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