2023 ButterflyMX Year in Review


Without you, 2023 wouldn’t have been such an amazing year — so, thank you! And as we prepare for 2024, let’s take a moment and look back at all the amazing things we accomplished together. 

Thanks to you, we unveiled the latest innovations in access control, expanded our team, and strengthened relationships with our partners. And it still feels like we’ve only just begun.

ButterflyMX’s top five achievements of 2023 are:


Unveiled our new video intercom


Unveiled our new intercom


Sharing our new video intercom with you was an incredible highlight of 2023. This new intercom takes access control a step further, bringing curb appeal, security, and mobile-based access to new heights.

Our new intercom is complete with:

  • Sleek and stunning new design for instant curb appeal
  • Ultra-bright LED display that can be easily seen day or night
  • High-definition wide-angle camera for enhanced security
  • Backward-compatible design with our previous intercom models — so the new intercom can be installed in place of your current ButterflyMX intercom without any rewiring
  • Versatile connectivity options that support WiFi and RFID connections

Want more?

While crafted to create a head-turning first impression at your property, our new video intercoms don’t skimp on durability. In fact, they’re built to deliver exceptional resilience and performance. The housing is constructed from cast aluminum and can withstand even the most extreme conditions — including vandalism, rain, snow, and temperatures ranging from -40 °F to +140 °F.

The launch of this new video intercom was only possible with contributions from everyone at ButterflyMX. And we couldn’t be prouder to have shared it with you this year!


Introduced our partner program


Launched our partner program


Our dealers and installers are instrumental to our success here at ButterflyMX, which is why we launched our dealer program in 2023.

The ButterflyMX dealer program initiative is designed to help access control installers, integrators, and consultants grow their businesses by selling our award-winning and industry-leading cloud-based access control products.

By becoming a certified installer or dealer, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits such as product training, installation referrals, sales & marketing support, discounted pricing, and more!


Launched seven powerful integrations


Launched 7 new integrations


Our installation base of more than 10,000 buildings allows us to partner with the biggest names in property management and technology to provide our clients with the most complete access control solution on the market. By integrating with the solutions you already use and love, you’re empowered to streamline your building operations by eliminating the hassle of repetitive daily tasks, while also improving your resident’s living experience by getting time back to focus on them.

In 2023, we launched seven new integrations with other top-rated property technology providers, including MRI Software, BuildingLink, Elevated Living, ResMan, Tour24, Buildium, and Stoovo.


Elevated our software with front desk station and amenity reservations


Released new products


Our mission is to improve the lives of people who live in, work, or visit ButterflyMX buildings. That’s why we released two new powerful features that transform the front desk station and amenity reservation experience at your property.

With our front desk station, you’re able to view a live video feed of all of your property’s ButterflyMX intercoms and easily communicate with all visitors trying to access your building. As a result, your property’s security is enhanced while access remains simple.

Our amenity reservations feature is another game changer for your property. This new feature empowers you to easily manage your amenity spaces by allowing residents to book your amenity spaces directly from the ButterflyMX app. And since the access can be automated, once a reservation is approved, only the residents who booked the space will have access to that amenity. Further, your residents can share access with their guests to any space they reserved through a PIN code. And if you’d like, you can track and manage payments for those spaces all from within your ButterflyMX admin portal.


Welcomed 73 new ButterflyMXers


Welcomed 73 new ButterflyMX hires


As the suite of ButterflyMX property access solutions expands, so does our team! We’re so lucky to have welcomed 73 new people to our company this year.

Our team now consists of more than 220 talented and hardworking engineers, designers, customer success, sales, and marketing professionals from around the world.

And we’re not slowing down! We’re thrilled to continue expanding our team with exciting career opportunities in every department.


Keeping the momentum going in 2024

We feel very fortunate to have accomplished this much in only a year, and we have no plans on hitting the brakes. We’ll use everything we’ve learned in 2023 to take on 2024 with an unwavering commitment to our mission of making property access simple for people who live in, work, or visit ButterflyMX-equipped buildings.


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