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If you own or manage a gated community, you know that achieving simple and secure property access starts at your front gate. So, why not modernize your gated entrance with a cellular gate entry system?

In a world where most, if not all, residents have a smartphone, using a cell phone as the key to your front gate is efficient and convenient.

Read on to learn what a cellular gate entry system is. Then, explore the benefits of installing a smartphone gate entry system. Finally, discover the best cellular gate entry system on the market.

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What is a cellular gate entry system?

A cellular gate entry system empowers you to open gates with a smartphone. These systems consist of an automatic gate, a gate opening device with wireless connectivity, and a gate control app.

A cell phone gate opener modernizes the call button for visitors. So, your residents can grant automatic access to authorized guests — reducing car pile-ups at your front gate.


Learn how to open a gate with a cell phone:


3 types of cellular gate entry systems

So, you know you want to invest in a cellular gate entry system. First, you must learn all about the most popular cellular gate entry systems.

Here’s our round-up of the best cellular gate entry solutions:

  1. Video intercom
  2. Bluetooth gate opener
  3. WiFi gate opener


1. Video intercom

A video intercom is one of the best ways to achieve simple and secure access throughout your property — including at your front gate.

Key features of a video intercom:

  • Two-way video calling. Use a video intercom to launch two-way video calls with guests, delivery couriers, and service providers to visually confirm their identity before letting them in.
  • Seamless integrations. Video intercoms easily integrate with property management software. So, you can customize access permissions as needed remotely. What’s more, video intercoms also integrate with smart locks for cohesive access throughout your building.
  • Real-time alerts. Get real-time notifications of all entry activity and keep track of logs that are easily accessible on the web or mobile app.
  • Streamline access for guests. Video intercoms empower you to send virtual keys to guests, delivery couriers, and service providers. So, you never have to worry about missing a delivery or visitor.


2. Bluetooth gate opener

A Bluetooth gate opener allows you to unlock the gate with any Bluetooth-enabled credential, such as a smartphone.

Key features of a Bluetooth gate opener:

  • Convenient mobile access. Open and close gates from mobile devices without physical keys, key cards, or keypads.
  • Battery-powered. Most Bluetooth gate openers run on battery power, making them easy to install since they don’t require substantial wiring.
  • Wireless connectivity. A Bluetooth gate opener doesn’t require an internet connection. So, you won’t have to worry about WiFi outages affecting the efficacy of your automatic gate.


3. WiFi gate opener

A WiFi gate opener empowers hands-free access at any gate or door.

Key features of a WiFi gate opener:

  • Internet connectivity. A WiFi gate opener uses WiFi technology to connect to the internet, which means no extensive wiring.
  • Remote access. Customize access permissions from anywhere through a web dashboard or mobile app.
  • Smart home integrations. WiFi gate openers easily integrate with smart home technologies like Alexa and Google Home.


Cellular gate entry system with a camera.


Benefits of installing a smartphone gate entry system

A cell phone gate access system allows you to seamlessly open doors and gates with a smartphone. However, there are plenty of other benefits to consider.

Here are the advantages of implementing cellular gate access control at your building:

  • Improve security. A cell phone gate entry system significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized entry.
  • Achieve access from anywhere. At a phone gate opener, staff and residents can unlock the gate and other access points with just a swipe on their smartphones.
  • Hands-free entry while driving. Using a cellular gate controller helps ensure distraction-free driving since residents won’t have to fumble around for physical keys to open the gate.
  • Eliminate the need for physical keys. Cellular access credentials can’t be stolen or misplaced in the same way that physical keys or fobs can. So, you won’t have to pay to re-issue lost or stolen keys or fobs.
  • Boost your NOI. Increase your property value by appealing to modern renters and reducing daily operational costs associated with manual visitor check-ins.
  • Customize access permissions at any access point. A smartphone gate entry system allows you to manage and monitor all activity remotely. What’s more, you can customize access at popular access points like shared amenity spaces or limit access to certain floors.


Using a smartphone at a gated entrance.


What are the disadvantages of using an automatic gate control system?

There are a variety of benefits of smartphone gate entry systems, but what are the pitfalls?

Here are some drawbacks of using a cellular gate opener:

  • Relies on electricity. An automatic gate control system may be vulnerable to power outages. So, you’ll need a backup power method in the case of an outage or power-related emergency.
  • Tenants must have a smartphone. In today’s age, most people have smartphones. But, older residents and guests may not be able to use their cell phones to access the building.
  • Must have stable network coverage near your gate. Cell phone gate entry systems require stable cellular service in order to work properly. So, cellular gate control may not be the best solution for your property if it’s located in a dead zone or limited network area.


Cellular gate entry system for vehicles.


Best cellular gate entry system

The best cellular gate entry system is ButterflyMX because it offers a variety of robust gate entry solutions that work seamlessly together — delivering a cohesive property access experience.

ButterflyMX’s gate access control solutions don’t actually require a cellular network, which saves you money. Instead, residents just download the ButterflyMX mobile app to unlock the gate and manage access with their smartphones.

And if a resident doesn’t have a smartphone, they may be able to instead unlock the gate with a fob, a key card, or a PIN code.

ButterflyMX offers multiple gate entry solutions:

  • Video intercom. The ButterflyMX video intercom is perfect for gated entrances because it gives residents multiple ways to unlock the gate while empowering visitors to easily request access via video call.
  • Keypad and card reader. ButterflyMX offers both keypads and card/fob readers as simple solutions for gated entrances. door
  • Vehicle access control system. If you’re seeking a cellular gate access system for a vehicle entrance, consider ButterflyMX’s vehicle reader and windshield tags. This system enables hands-free access without compromising security for every vehicle on your property.



  • A cellular gate entry system allows you to open gates automatically with a smartphone.
  • The benefits of a cellular gate entry system are enhanced security, remote access, hands-free keyless entry, and fully customizable access permissions.
  • The most popular cellular gate entry systems are video intercoms, Bluetooth gate openers, and WiFi gate openers.
  • ButterflyMX offers the best smartphone-powered gate entry system.


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